Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Without Representation

As you know, Senator Ted Cruz called out Tooter Turtle, AKA Mitch McConnell, for lying about the Import-Export bank bill and the Iran deal and some other issues. 

The leadership of the Republican Party sided against national security conservatives on Iran.  They sided against fiscal conservatives with the pork-laden highway bill and the Import-Export bank.  They ignored social conservatives by not having a meaningful vote to kill funding for Planned Parenthood. 

It kind of makes you wonder what constituency they actually represent, doesn't it?

Over on The Freeman, Max Borders and Jeffrey Tucker ask, "Is Politics Obsolete?".  They offer the idea that technological advances are making the current way of doing politics and government in general obsolete.  While I'm not necessarily on-board with some of their examples, such as electric cars, the larger point is probably valid.  Politicians and government are not adapting well to the ramifications of some of these technologies. 

News is no longer controlled by the media gatekeepers.  We can all see what Ted Cruz did in context.  We can all see how duplicitous some of these politicians are, regardless of the labels they pin on themselves. 

Mitch McConnell doesn't represent the people of Kentucky.  He represents the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, crony capitalists and K Street lobbyists, just like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Obama, Clinton, and the rest.  There is no difference between the actual constituencies of Blunt (R-MO) and McCaskill (D-MO).  Neither represents me.

I am still a small-government, fiscal conservative.  I am a social conservative, but I don't want the federal government setting moral standards or education standards or telling people where or how to live.  I am a national security conservative so long as national security means keeping Muslim terrorists and other invaders out of this country, profiling those who are here rather than harassing and intimidating honest citizens, and destroying potential threats abroad with extreme prejudice and rules of engagement that give the advantage and the benefit of the doubt to our troops rather than the enemy. 

In other words, I have nothing in common with the Big-Government, Establishment components and leadership of either political party in Washington, D.C. 

Politics is just another word for dealing with disparate groups of people.  I don't think it will ever be obsolete.  Centralized government is not only obsolete, it is a disease that is killing the United States.

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