Thursday, July 23, 2015

That Much? Really.

"Experts" say Trump's border wall would cost "tens of billions".

I have no doubt the cost would be substantial.  The cost of allowing invaders to illegally flood across our southern border is substantial, too.

Perhaps night-vision equipped, armed drones or a salt-water moat with lasers mounted on sharks would be more cost-effective.  I don't know.  I don't care that much.  I just want the invasion stopped.  The problem will need to be addressed on multiple fronts.

The objection of "experts" is not to spending a few billion on a wall.  We spend more than that on pencils and rubber bands for bureaucrats -- every year.  The objection is to doing anything to stop the invasion.

Whether these invaders become staunch Democrat voters or not isn't even the issue.  They are a whole new class of government dependents in terms of social services, health care, and housing as well as law enforcement, the legal system, and the prison system.  Their presence strengthens the central government and the concept of a police state whether they are honest, hard-working leaf-blower operators and hotel cleaners or MS-13 gangbangers and drug dealers.

This is why the ruling class in D.C. doesn't want the invasion checked.

I'm libertarian enough to think that we could find a non-government solution to the problem that would not require a border wall.  I think a truly free market and the end of government intervention, the welfare state, and central control of the economy would remove much of the incentive for undesirable foreigners to pour across the border.  Until that happens, we are stuck with what we have,  and things like border security are necessary.  


  1. LOL! Since when have the "experts" been concerned about the cost of...well, anything? Just another misdirect from the real problem.
    And like you said, Mush, it ain't simply just about a wall, but also actually allowing the Border Patrol to do it's job.

    We have millions of veterans and citizens that would be happy to have the job of protecting our borders. That's one area where the govt. can create more jobs, and it's needed.
    Particularly, since the govt's number one job is to protect our rights, liberties and lives.

    If the "experts" are now concerned about spending, we can easily make up whatever it will cost to protect our borders by cutting agencies like the EPA, IRS, Planned Baby Murderers, FDA, Dept. of unJustice, and a host of others.

    Funny how anytime the "experts" suddenly get concerned with govt. spending they always go after the Military and Border Patrol.
    Based on their actions, it's clear that the "experts" are opposed to protecting our rights, liberties and lives.

    Looks to me like we are wasting money consulting these so-called "experts."
    Here's an idea, instead of wasting money on bureaucratic "experts," how about we consult with the experts that actually have experience protecting our rights, liberties and lives and allow them to do their jobs.

    Good post, Mush!

  2. You are absolutely right about the Border Patrol. Those are the guys that need the funding, personnel, and equipment to do the job.

  3. I betcha this could be funded with a checkbox and donation amount on our tax returns.