Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why the Post Office Can't Break Even

I ordered a couple of Magpul magazines and a polymer sport holster for my Glock from Midway.  Midway will get their orders out as quickly as possible.  UPS always does well, too.

I'm having a little trouble, though, understanding this:

I'm giving the USPS the benefit of the doubt here in saying that it may only be the notification that was sent to the Springfield depot.  I'm not really sure there is a Springfield facility anymore. 

But it sure looks like my package is being held in a Postal Service facility in Springfield and will remain there, unable to cover the last leg of the journey, until Thursday.  I can be in Springfield in less than an hour.  The only explanation I can think of is that the pack mule is on vacation.


  1. This, unfortunately, suprises me not.

  2. The package finally showed up at the local post office today -- it only took three days to cover twenty miles. It's a day early. The Postal Service is all about exceeding expectations.