Friday, July 10, 2015

How Convenient

I find this hard to believe -- via

FBI Director James Comey said Friday that his agency’s background check system failed and alleged South Carolina church shooter [name redacted by me] should not have been allowed to buy a gun.
The FBI Director said that issues with the federal government’s screening system, which did not appropriately flag [punk]’s name based on a previous felony charge for narcotics possession ...
Information about [punk]’s prior arrest had not been fully processed through the federal computer systems, Comey told reporters.

I get flagged and delayed based on getting fingerprinted for work-related background checks.

Notice the wording "felony charge" and "prior arrest".

Was he not convicted?  Was he under a felony indictment at the time of the purchase?  Had the charges been dismissed or reduced? 

An arrest is not a conviction, but the punk was processed as part of the arrest and his prints are on file.  They flag cops in the system.  They flag gun dealers.  How is it they just happened to miss the one drugged up psycho punk who was going to shoot up a church on prayer meeting night?  Good thing I don't believe in conspiracies.

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