Friday, July 24, 2015

Falsifying History

Stalin was famous for censoring history

I'm sure that would never happen in an enlightened nation like America.

Group takes a shovel to a Confederate general's grave.

“If he’s gone, some of this racism and race-hate might be gone,” said Isaac Richmond with Commission on Religion and Racism. ” We got a fresh shovel full, and we hope that everybody else will follow suit and dig him up.”

No, Mr. Richmond, as long as you live there, there will be racism in Memphis -- in between your ears, if no other place. 

Nathan Bedford Forrest is dead.  Whatever sins he committed during his time on earth, he must answer for before his Maker.  What he did, how he lived, and his undeniable military genius are part of history -- the history of all -- all Americans.  You don't have to agree with his cause, his beliefs or his actions to respect that. 

Denying history is not the act of a wise people.  Desecrating a grave is not an act of the civilized.

When I see this kind of insanity being manifest and not being immediately and categorically condemned from all quarters, it really causes me to wonder what kind of new dark age we are heading for. 



  1. But, but.. It's a symbolic action. You know, just a few extreme protesters. Nobody was really hurt and no real damage was done..

    "The City Council agreed to move the statue and the remains."

    Oh. Well, no real reason to get all in a fuss. I mean, the statue and remains will still exist somewhere nearby.

    Seriously, how does one who is busy trying to make a living and minding one's own business battle these ratcheteers?

    You take it and take it and then one day you start punching faces. I am at a loss as to how to fight this "progress".

  2. I don't know, either.

    One of the family, a 30-something young lady, ran into a boy in a dress with a tail hanging out from underneath it.

    This is a small community outside of St. Louis. She was a little shocked to see something like that there and posted a picture on Fakebook -- just his back with the tail -- not to mock him (like I might do), but wondering what had happened to someone to drive them into that kind of deviancy. She wasn't really even criticizing the young man himself. Yet several people jumped all over her for her "judgmentalism".

    There is no accepted definition for normalcy or decency anymore.

  3. Mobs can be just as insane as an individual. But mobs are a lot more dangerous.
    The current mob rush to destroy abd rewrite our history reminds me of the Taliban and ISIS. They like to destroy and rewrite history too.

    It's pretty clear that these people have learned nothing from history, nor do they want to.
    Because then they might learn that they are as bad, or worse than the historical people they hate so much.

  4. To be fair, if a guy is wearing a dress and a tail he is asking to be mocked.

  5. That's what I think. Since the picture shows the tail under the dress, I don't want to know how it's attached.