Monday, July 13, 2015

A Border Fence Is Being Built

Unfortunately, it is being built by the Hungarians to keep out illegal immigrants coming in through Serbia

Quite a concept. 

Oddly, the AP article doesn't declare the Hungarians racist or "islamophobic", despite the fact that the border jumpers are coming from places like Syria and Afghanistan. 

They aren't staying in Hungary for the most part:

Around 80,000 migrants and refugees have reached Hungary already this year. About 80 percent of them are from war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most of them request asylum, but they quickly go to other, wealthier European Union countries like Germany and Sweden before their requests are settled.
I suppose the refugees filter in from the Middle East through the less prosperous parts of southern and southeastern Europe similar to the way Central Americans find no good reason to stop in Mexico on their way north. 

Our border with Mexico is much longer than that between Serbia and Hungary, but our military is much larger.  Border security could hardly be considered "domestic law enforcement" and thus subject to posse comitatus limitations.  Not that the Obama regime or SCOTUS pays any attention to constitutional limits these days. 

If they would let me run things, I would bring our soldiers home from most of the places in the world where they are stationed, functioning as enforcers for the globalists.  It seems to me being stationed in south Texas, west Texas, southern New Mexico, Arizona, and California would be much preferred to an overseas deployment in some of the planets less pleasant ratholes. 


  1. I would bring our soldiers home from most of the places in the world where they are stationed, functioning as enforcers for the globalists...

    Well, if anyone asks me, I'd let you run things.

    I remember watching some sort of special on "THE FUTURE" back in the 70's and they talked about this invasion from the poorer countries to the wealthier ones. Well, they got that right. I guess we don't have the collective will to keep our countries as countries. OR there is a group of "not-us" folks running the shew. Sure looks that way to me. I'm almost thinking it is the latter.

  2. Yes, not-us. The Greeks just found that out.

  3. We definitely need more Border Patrol agents. It wouldn't bother me much to use the military to guard the borders for awhile, but not permanently.
    There's plenty of former military that would be glad to become Border agents. If they are alllowed to do their jon, that is.

    We need General Pershing's tactics and strategies to defeat the jihadists.

  4. For some reason that reminded me of the scene in the new "True Grit" where Mattie goes looking for Rooster and he is in the outhouse -- the "jakes". She's pounding on the door, and he keeps saying "The jakes is occupied".

    Perhaps the invaders are simply uninformed and we need to broadcast a message from bullhorns along the border.

    "The States are occupied."

    "Los estados unidos están ocupados"