Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Orwellian Voodoo

In the sidebar, Monty Pelerin talks about our Orwellian times as it relates to the rebel flag.  Be sure and read the whole thing.  He also include Thomas DiLorenzo's piece on "Jeffersonian Secession", which is thought-provoking.

Here is a quote from Monty I like:

Edgerton’s position on the Confederate Flag sounds reasonable, although I am not a historian capable of passing judgment on his interpretations. To be against his position, however, is to be against free speech.  

Indeed, this is true.  The whole point of freedom of expression is to allow us to discuss matters openly.  Speech and displays that offend are necessary.  Yes, there is a limitation.  If something is slanderous or libelous then the person impacted may sue.  If a threat is made against someone, that's a violation of the law.  Threats intimidate an opponent.  They cow and silence the opposition.

I once heard a preacher -- it may have been John Hagee -- say that witchcraft is "manipulation through intimidation for the purpose of domination".

Waving a flag threatens no one.  I might be offended or disgusted by whatever flag ISIS waves.  I think anyone who waves a rainbow flag is a pathetic loon and loser.  I can understand someone thinking the same thing about a Gadsden flag or Robert E. Lee's battle standard.  I would disagree, but I can understand.  What I can't understand is the taking of such a display as some kind of threat.  

It's not the people waving a rebel flag who are trying to silence the other side.  The wielders of political correctness are using threats to try and silence us.  They want to intimidate us and control what we say and do and even how we think.  Here's another quote from the link:

Anyone in favor of Political Correctness is against Freedom.

My people were in Indiana during the First Civil War.  The battle flag is not part of my heritage, but I'm going to find one and fly it.  Just because they tell me I can't.

Run for your lives!!!!
It's a small thing, but it is a strike back at the denial of reality that afflicts far too many in this country these days.  Metaphorically speaking, it is time to throw a bucket of water on the wicked witches of Statism.  


  1. It's "Civil war I" now?

    Coming to the south from Maryland, I got my first exposure to bona-fide rural southerners at VA Tech and their rebel flags. Well, I took to the culture. I see the flag as a regional symbol and a bit of a FU to the northern snoots. I'm really having trouble believing that blacks are truly offended. -I might be wrong though.

    Also, it's a good looking flag.

  2. Ace made a good point today about the left's attempt to ban the confederate flag.
    What about the flags many leftists fly? The black nationalist flag, the palestinian flag, the commie hammer n' sicko flag, images of Chi and Castro and Mao, La Raza's flag, etc., etc.
    The thing is, according to leftist, anti-freedom logic, that these flags and images should also be banned.
    In fact, these flags and images that many leftists hold dear, represent far more evil than the confederate flag ever did, and are still currently representing the evil of communism, fascism, totalitarianism, anti-semeticism, and terrorism.

    I don't believe any flag should be banned by the state, even the evil flags leftists love.
    However, anytime I hear a leftist screech about banning confederate everything, I'm gonna call them on their rank hypocracy and anti-liberty proclivities.

    Accompanied by a middle finger or two.

  3. I read this idea somewhere, and it's a good one:
    Let's have a draw mohammed contest on a confederate flag and watch lefties go beserk. :)

  4. To be a leftist means to be a hypocrite. You can tell because they are always calling everybody else hypocrites.

    My nephew wants a middle-finger flag.

    When I was a wicked college student, I had a roommate who was a pretty good artist. We were kind of in the middle of the Jesus movement back then, and you'd see these signs with an index finger pointing up that said, "One Way". So, I conceived the idea and my roommate executed it on a big sketch pad. It was a middle finger with the caption "This Way".

    We stuck it up in our dorm room window facing out. To show you how different times were, we were up on the third floor across from our group cafeteria. We were getting ready to head over for supper when a winded and panicked RA came running up the stairs, yelling, "You've got to take that down! Now!"