Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Think I Got 'em

The Summertime Blues.

No cure.  But fireworks help.


  1. Is MO a free state where a free man can freely set off real fireworks or is it like VA where some people I know have to sneak a trip into PA and bring them back. But even though I said 'some people I know' I really know no such people.

    The thing I love about PA is that there are all sorts of fireworks outlets just across the border and they sell the good fireworks to the non-PA residents and shuttle the PA residents to a little crappy fireworks section. It is just so horribly, wonderfully cynical... Um, so I've been told.

  2. I miss fireworks. Most everything they got here, for private use is just smoke of some sort.

  3. Yes, we have fireworks stands everywhere. My granddaughter has a trunkful we're going to shoot off tomorrow night. There's a fireworks factory just down the road about ten miles.

  4. Hi Mush

    I don't have much insight into the summertime blues. I have the winter blues occasionally they last a day or so and I'm able to shrug them off by the grace of God.

    My wife had knee replacement surgery today. It's a big deal for me, (and for her of course - it was successful) as I'm conscious of the risks of anaesthesia and any procedure for those of us over 60.

    I had a procedure myself a few years ago that meant I had to sign a release form. It showed a 10 x greater risk of death from surgery for those over 60. I told the surgeon how pleased I was to be 59, and so much safer.

    Ha! We are in His hands and gladly so.

    Why don't you exchange the summer time blues for the winter version here in New Zealand and come and visit us. We will do our best to cheer you up and provide some shelter from the storm.


  5. It's good to surgery over. We'll still pray for a most speedy recovery.

    I was talking to my granddaughter about taking a trip. I told her I had a friend NZ, and she was kind of OK with me heading down there for a while. It would be fun.