Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

You've seen the story about the 22-year-old who put a mortar tube on his head and died.  Because he was drunk and probably stupid.  His mother is upset, naturally, and is "calling for stricter laws on who can have access to the explosives."  The young man was 22.  He had access to alcohol which kills far more people any given day than die in fireworks accidents every year.  In fact, I don't think this is technically an accident.  

I feel sorry for the mother.  In the midst of her grief one wishes to offer comfort and not make things worse.  I blame the people who go after these stories.  What human compassion to go out and make a buck off a woman who has just lost her child under such grotesque, senseless circumstances.  

I'm thinking we might want to kill all the journalists before we start on the lawyers.

Maine was one of those states where fireworks were illegal until just three years ago.  Now some people want to repeal the law that allows people to do what they want because a stupid drunk did something stupid while drunk.  One of those people is Rep. Michel Lajoie (D) (why does the (D) not surprise me?):

"They're going to say, 'Well, you can't regulate stupidity'...and it's true, you can't," he told AP. "But the fact of the matter is you have to try something. I'm not giving up." 

So, you know what you want to do won't work, but you're going to do it anyway.  I'd say, Rep. Lajoie, that makes you stupid.


  1. This tactic of banning products that hurts or kill idiots that ignore the warnings and do something stupid with them, is a favorite tactic of the left.
    Of course, it never works but they feel good about doing something, even when that something punishes law abiding folks that are not drunken fools.

  2. Thank God we survived our teenage years. I know for sure that the angles were busy on my behalf, and no doubt my parent's prayers (albeit Catholic) were very influential.

    There is no defence against stupidity, only life experience and the grace of God. I'm grateful to have lived long enough to have experienced both,

  3. Amen, Brendan. I'm sure my guardian angel offered his resignation on numerous occasions.

    That's it, Ben. The important thing is to feel righteous.