Monday, July 6, 2015


That stands for Functions As Designed.

Apparently, Perla Trevizo writing for the Arizona Daily Star is unfamiliar with this concept as regards the purpose of a fence, which is to keep things separated.

Break the law; break a leg. 

It works for me.


  1. Trevizo is more concerned about lawbreakers who might make unhealthy decisions, than about Americans who are being slaughtered by illegal alien criminals.
    Criminals that the Obama administration has been releasing into our society.
    One would think that's a far bigger story than criminals possible breaking their own legs or getting sprained ankles.

  2. "I will tell my people not to come, not through the desert nor the fence,” said the 31-year-old with two broken legs.

    Preach it loud and clear to all that will hear,Sister!

    Ok, I do feel bad for the injured though.

  3. Broken bones are bad; that is true. California has always had migrant farm workers. It would be nice if there were a regulated, controlled method to let honest people in for legitimate purposes.

    The one thing the government should be doing -- securing the border, it doesn't bother to do. Too busy busting rogue lemonade stand rings and making sure Tom can marry Harry, I suppose.