Friday, December 9, 2016

Boom and What Comes After

A lot of people are excited about the current stock market run.  It's pushing toward 20,000 on the Dow.

I can't get over the nagging feeling that it is a really big bubble about to burst.  I don't think the economy has been doing that well.  We have far fewer people in the work force than the manipulated unemployment numbers indicate.  We are operating with very low interest rates and have been now for years.  We have never really come out of the recession and most of the job growth has been in government -- which produces nothing and is mostly parasitic.  In order to continue funding the cancerous growth in government, we have doubled our massive debt load in the last eight years.

I'd like to be more positive, but the situation does not appear to me to bode all that well.

I think the Fed will raise rates -- because they have to.  I think the markets will crash.  I think the media will immediately lay it all on Trump.  We'll start seeing more realistic statistics about the state of employment and economic growth than what we have been fed by the ministry of information news media for the last eight years.

It is possible that Trump will be able to cut actual government expenditures.  That might be sufficient to stimulate genuine economic growth.  I would say no tax cuts without spending cuts that more than offset the loss in revenue.  We need to end deficit spending and bring the debt back under control.  My hopes for this happening are not high.

My plan? I will offer a few out-the-wall ideas.  Frankly, I would start with military cutbacks.

  • End our interventionist foreign policy.  That means the American military and the American taxpayers will no longer pay in blood or dollars for the privilege of being the globalists' police force and bully boy.  That saves us billions and appeases a boatload of whiners.  
  • Get rid of the TSA.  Or just move them to the borders.  Turn security and screening over to the airlines.  If anyone claims they are being profiled or discriminated against because they are Muslim, gay, fat, or whatever, remind them that the airlines are private entities and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.  Make air travel great again.  
  • As noted yesterday, a moratorium on immigration of all kinds from all countries.  No more refugee resettlements.  Enforce the borders.  
  • Punish employers who hire illegals.  Remove all government aid and services for illegals.  We won't have to worry about deporting them.  They will do it themselves.
  • End the war on drugs.  Period.  No more DEA.  No more ATF.  Let the states use the money for drug and alcohol treatment and rehab.
  • End federal involvement in education.  Not just with Common Core and the Department of Education, but with federal court decisions that, now, decades after Brown vs. Board of Education, still control "equitable funding" issues in many southern states.  Last I checked -- it's been a few years -- the Kansas City schools in Missouri were still funded by state revenues under court order.
  • I know most none of this isn't is going to happen, so I will throw in a real fantasy: do away with Medicare and Medicaid. Allow more competition in health insurance and health care. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Medical Tests are Racist and Xenophobic

All the poor, little refugees aren't so little:

The Danish government has revealed that of the suspected 800 “underage” asylum seekers they believed to be lying about their age, 600 of them were adults according to medical tests.

Give Denmark credit for at least trying to keep their citizens from being forced to pay extra benefits for underaged children.  Of course, the simpler and better way is to refuse entry to all these invaders.

Some make the excuse, as noted in the article, that the invaders come from countries that do not have good recordkeeping.  I understand because I was born at home and did not get a birth certificate until I was sixteen and needed it to obtain a driver's license.  There was never, however, a question about how old I was, what year or even what day I was born.  We were not highly educated, but we had a calendar.  

As we have noted before, relatively few of the refugees pouring into Europe are families, or women and children.  They are primarily young men of military age who are swarming over the borders to be supported by the people they intend to conquer and annihilate.

Pointing out this simple and obvious truth is a good way to be labeled "literally Hitler", yet more and more Europeans and even an increasing number of Americans are willing to risk being called bad names and ostracized by the elites and their propagandists.

Most countries have enough people.  It is time for a moratorium on immigration until we sort out the kinds of nations we wish to live in.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Travels in the Southeast

I have traveled some around the United States, but mostly in Texas, the Midwest, the Northeast.  I have passed through Mississippi and Louisiana, but I had never been to Alabama or Georgia -- except for changing planes in Atlanta a few times, or the Carolinas.

This past week, I got a chance to take a road trip with a friend, and we headed toward Memphis.  I walked around on Beale Street.  That was great.  I thought it would be the highlight of the trip as I ate in Jerry Lawler's restaurant down there.  It was late in the day as we headed out, and we ended up staying at a hotel in Grenada, MS.  The next morning I kind of wanted to go on down to the Gulf Coast, but my friend wanted to go to Stone Mountain.

We cut across Alabama, through Birmingham, and on to Atlanta and got a hotel at Stone Mountain, GA.  The next morning was cool and damp.  We drove around the mountain, a massive, naked granite uplift.  We stopped by the grist mill and took some pictures then walked up to view the huge bas relief carved into the rock --

After leaving Stone Mountain, we headed for Savannah.  As navigator, I accidentally caused us to drive past a sign that said "Whistle Stop Cafe".  This led to a detour through Juliette, GA, which was where the location shooting for the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" was done.

Full disclosure:  I am not gay (NTTAWWT), however, my traveling companion is a female.  I was confident this was not the highlight of my trip.

A little further down the road, we reached Macon, GA.  There is a place there called The Big House:

I thought this would be the highlight of my trip.

The next day we walked around Savannah.  It is a beautiful city, but it does smell funny -- all that Spanish moss hanging off the live oaks, the boggy ground, and such.  Low country makes me nervous.

The little squares are pretty, and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is truly awe-inspiring.  I sat down inside the church and began to pray.  I started crying.  Neither words nor pictures can do justice to the other-worldliness of being in this sacred space.

This was probably the highlight of my trip.

Or not.

I'm going to end here for now because this is getting pretty long.  I may post more tomorrow. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What Happens Now

First, there will be a massive media onslaught.  They are back on their heels, stunned by what has happened, but they will soon rally and try to set the stage for failure, just as they have done in the past.

Second, apparently, there will be blood -- police are investigating the black-on-white attack of a Trump supporter.  The globalists and leftist political leaders and the media -- their ministry of truth -- are fully responsible for this incident as well as the violent "protests" taking place in various cities.

The war is just starting, and, at its base, it is nationalism versus globalism, the "new world order", the one-worlders against those who believe in borders and culture and, yes, blood and soil. The enemy is not going to let up.  People allegedly on the right, like Glen Beck, are still trying to push the narrative that culture, religion, and genetics do not matter.  They do matter.  I am who I am to a great extent because of the genetic heritage passed down from my ancestors.  Most of the rest is the culture heritage they bequeathed to me.  The same is true of the Syrians and Somalis pushing into Germany or the Mexicans and Central Americans pushing into our own Southwest.

I don't deserve any credit for my heritage.  Neither do I blame those other groups for theirs.  It is just a simple fact:  we are different.  I cannot be Guatemalan and some nice fellow from Somalia can't be a weird combination of Saxon, Irish and Scandinavian.

White people voted as white people in this election -- not because we are evil and racist, but because our best interests are not served by continuing to allow an influx of third-worlders.  We have stood by as identity politics have gained controlled of the federal government.  We were told that to oppose this would be racist and xenophobic.  It isn't wrong to want your own country, your own culture, history, and way of life preserved and protected.

I certainly have no objection to black people, people of Latin American heritage, Middle-easterners or Asians or anyone else voting for and seeking after their own self-interest.  All I ask is the same consideration.  I would also point out that the reason so many people from other countries want to come to the West and to America in particular is that we have built a wealthy, peaceful, and prosperous society on the foundations of Christianity and our European culture.  Oddly enough, one of the pillars upholding our society and making civilization viable and functional is respect for the rule of law.

Anyway, we have tough times ahead.  The easy part, in some ways, is behind us.  I am thankful to God that we do not have to contend with the Clintons or Bushes anymore.  For being the instrument who helped shut down those two political families, our nation owes Donald Trump a debt of gratitude.

I am surprised by the response of the markets so far.  I suspect the Fed will raise rates at their next meeting.

At least firearms and ammo won't be going up price or becoming scarce for a little while.  Every cloud has a silver lining and all.  

I think the Republican Party might now survive, but it is going to have to purge the globalists, the Chamber of Commerce, and the crony capitalists.  It will have an appeal if it embraces nationalism and becomes, in essence, the American Party.  That's going to be a fight, too.  At least the enemy has been identified.  Don't forget.  They will be trying to worm their way back into our good graces.  Check the internet.

Also, get on  I was never on Twitter, but Gab is pretty cool.  I like it.  If you want to look me up, look for Drano American.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Writing About Knife Fighting

The howtofightwrite tumblr has a post about writing a knife fight and the dos and don'ts.

In fact, it contains a good deal of commonsense advice on the knife as a weapon.  Go over and read the whole thing.

I gave my oldest granddaughter a pretty little assisted-opening knife to carry in her purse.  I explained to her some of the same information the Tumblr writer conveys.  The knife is a short-range ambush weapon.  It works well in tight quarters.  It works best if an assailant does not know the intended victim has such a weapon until it starts to do damage.

A knife-wielder does not need a great deal of skill beyond knowing those rudimentary guidelines.  As the writer says, "The basic principle of the knife is incredibly simple:  You're gonna shank a dude."

It's still a martial art.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Storm Warning

I don't know who is going to get the most votes on November 8.  There is a part of me that doesn't care, because I think, either way, we are in for some rough times.

If Clinton becomes president, I expect we will get into some kind of conflict with Russia.  The current regime seems intent on poking and provoking Putin.  Clinton has said she will challenge the Bear further.  Why do something so utter senseless over a rathole like Syria and Assad?  Perhaps the globalists see an opportunity to evade the massive financial collapse by instigating a large-scale conflict.  The Obama/Clinton administration is a globalist puppet-regime.

If Trump should beat the odds and prevail, I would not be surprised to see a financial collapse take place within the first fews months or weeks of 2017.  Yeah, I know, I've been predicting a financial disaster since 2010, but I could not begin to comprehend the ability of the various central banks to collude in the can-kicking.

We are, I think, rapidly approaching the point when a crisis becomes impossible to avoid.  Just think about $20 trillion of debt -- with nothing to show for it.

War tends to obscure a merely financial disaster.  Or, Trump becomes the perfect scapegoat on whom the globalists can pin their failures.  

I am going to stockpile a little more food in the next few weeks, and do some minor work on some of my equipment.  I am also figuring on picking up a few cows come spring.  I don't want to have to deal with anything this winter.

Maybe I'll be wrong again.  I kind of hope I am.  I won't feel too bad.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back from Outer Space

A lot of things have been going on.  I was on the winning team for the jalapeno-eating contest at Bikes, Blues, and BBQ this year.  I ate ten pickled jalapenos in 60 seconds, then ate 4 or 5 more for $20 donations to charity.  They aren't that hot, and I suffered no ill after-effects.  It did burn just a little doing #1 for about a day, but it was well worth the pain.

I didn't watch the debate or whatever that was that happened Sunday night.  It doesn't matter if Trump wins or loses.  He is our WMD to destroy the corrupt, Orwellian UniParty.  If you ever thought that the Republican establishment genuinely opposes the Democrat Party, you should now be freed from that illusion by the reactions of people like Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan, and John Kasich.

I don't know if Trump is a Christian or not.  I am pretty sure neither Clinton is Christian in anything other than a cultural sense.  Obama may believe in Jesus or not, but he is a cultural Muslim.  What I do know is that Trump is not a choirboy.  He has been married three times and almost certainly cheated on his first two wives.

Those of you old enough to recall the '90s may also recall everyone on the left defending Bill Clinton's antics as being just about sex.  He was privately immoral but but a moral man when it came to public policy.  That is to say, that Clinton felt it was important to force American citizens to do what he thinks is right even if it costs us a lot of money.  Hillary Clinton is the same.

Maybe Trump is, too.  Except Trump is not going to take away my guns or appoint new liberal justices to the Supreme court or open our borders to unlimited, unrestricted immigration from third-world countries or deliberately start a war with Russia.

Given the fact that everybody in politics in a low-life hypocrite, I might as well vote for the one that will do the least amount of damage to my liberty and culture.