Monday, July 20, 2015

Record Heat in June

Not around here.  Where are they taking these temperature measurements?

I know there are doubtless some locations with record heat.  There always are, just as some place sets a new record low most winters.  We set no record lows in June that I know of, but it has been below average temperature-wise and above average in rainfall in this region for the last several months. 

We've had some heat and tons of humidity for the last week, but nothing out of the ordinary for July.  Even the 4th was not a particularly hot day. 

What I see is weather.  The climate where I live is the same as it has been for sixty years.  Some years are hot and dry, some wet and cool, some winters have heavy snow, some are very cold.  The last couple of winters here have had some usually cold stretches. 

The more these experts froth at the mouth, the less attention I pay them.  The science was settled on butter and eggs as the cause of cardiovascular disease.  Everybody needed to switch to oleo and tofu.  Climate change -- same thing.  Who is getting paid and to whom does the power accrue? 


  1. It's been a nice not too hot, moist summer here as well.... until last week. It's sauna time. I really can't be productive in this kind of heat. Have to hide in the shop or the house during the heat of the day.

    In the 17 years here in the clearcut, I'd say things have gotten cooler. Could have something to do with these tree thingys.

  2. I wouldn't doubt that they are fudging their measurements...again, or simply making it up to fit their ideology. Then the media does their usual cheerleading and exaggerate it even more.

    Like you said, who is getting paid and who is getting more power over people and their wallets?

  3. Saturday was bad here, and I pushed it a little trying to catch up with things while it wasn't raining. Man, I can tell I'm getting old. I have a lot less margin for heat prostration.

  4. Yeah, my heat tolerance is about nil these days and I'm (what I thought was) a spry fitty-five. Not like some ancient fungus I know. Can't imagine what I'll be like five years hence.