Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Violence in Venezuela

Tell me it isn't so in the socialist workers' paradise that is Venezuela. The Guardian reports that former Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear and her recently ex-husband, Thomas Berry, were gunned down during an apparent roadside robbery.  Their daughter was also injured.

Venezuela has one of the highest murder rates in the world with more killings than the United States and Europe combined, according to one estimate.

Hear that?  There's way too much killing going on in the U.S., but there are 300 million of us, and we are very diverse. 

Apparently what happened was that the car Spear and Berry were in broke down.  While they were waiting for a tow, "opportunistic thieves" approached and killed them when they "offered resistance". 

There's actually no evidence for that.  It's mere speculation on the part of police investigators.  As corrupt as the Venezuelan police probably are, it's just as likely the couple were set up and gunned down without any opportunity to resist. 

Oh, am I being unfair to the police?  If the courageous and self-sacrificing officers of NYC are really a bunch of fraudsters who have no respect for the law, pardon me if I make an assumption about an arm of the failing thug regime currently ruining Venezuela. 

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