Wednesday, January 15, 2014


According to the good ol' StartleGram, Senator Ted Cruz is continuing to bash D.C.

I don't see how we can find fault with that.  Cruz characterized the Obama regime as "lawless", and I would agree.  Yesterday Obama threatened to rule by executive fiat, using Presidential Executive Orders to bypass Congress.  As my wife put it, "He thinks he's the king."

Sadly, if no one challenges what he does, he effectively becomes king.  With the 24-hour propaganda machine spinning at Obama behest, the Tea Party and other advocates of limited, Constitutional government are shouted down. 

After being sworn in as Texas’ junior senator last year — following his unlikely election over entrenched establishment Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst — Cruz gave a 21-hour speech about why the nation’s healthcare law needs to be defunded. 

He later said Republicans lost the government shutdown battle because his party didn’t stand strong.

He was denounced by top leaders in his own party for what they called a “fool’s errand” and by Democrats for bringing the economy close to collapse.

On Friday in Austin, he continued his attack, saying the current president is lawless, dangerous and terrifying.

And on Saturday — amid cheers, standing ovations and flag waving — he continued.

“Liberty is under assault … in this country like never before,” Cruz said. “We have a president [who seems as though he] is going down the Bill of Rights trying to violate them one at a time.”
Cruz said that among Democratic leaders in Washington, D.C., he sees a “consistent pattern of lawlessness, the contempt for rule of law.”

The problem with having contempt for the rule of law at the highest levels of government is that it sends a signal out here to the rest of us in flyover country.   If my elected representatives are not bound by the laws they pass, why should I be so bound? 

What happens when individuals who have been "law-abiding" citizens decide they are no longer going to be shackled just because a lawless president wants something done and gets a lawless Supreme Court and a lawless Congress to back him? 

What happens when a state or two or three have had enough and say that  federal authority stops at the Idaho or Oklahoma border, or the Red River, or the Mississippi?  What happens if a state refuses to allow its citizens to be prosecuted by the IRS?  Won't ever happen?  Probably not.  But there are a lot things happening that I would never have imagined.   

States are refusing to enforce federal laws.  County sheriffs are refusing to enforce state laws.  United States Senators are echoing the call for a convention of the states to limit federal power. 

We may, after all, roll over and go along with the final destruction of our freedom.  But we aren't Europeans, and it seems that the harder Washington pushes on us, the more resistance we offer.  If the central government continues to defy the will of the people, it might manage to create an open conflict. 

We hope not.  Such things never end well.  An amicable divorce would be preferable, but I don't suppose that's ever happened either.


  1. If America fails, God help the rest of the free world.

    There are many of us who live outside of the USA, who are deeply saddened by the actions of your President and his political machine, however we know that there are many great Americans who are equally appalled, if not more so.

    Don't let them grind you down!

  2. By the way, congratulations to NZ, coming in at #5 in the economic freedom list. And Oz did well, too.

    I never put my hope in politicians or politics, but I've been impressed with Ted Cruz and some of Tea Party candidates.

    Our problem is that we are so comfortable, and we have had so many advantages for so long, that we think we're entitled to be #1, and that we invincible. Your posts on the Legitimate Role of the State really drive home the point about how expectations have been established and what we are all up against.

    Like I said the other day, I'm trying to teach the grandkids well.

  3. Your grandkids are very blessed that you should be so intentional.