Sunday, January 5, 2014

Least Likely To Get An Invite to "Dancing With the Stars"

The KC Chiefs are the Chicago Cubs of the NFL.  We're not down as our expectations were already very low.  My 42-year-old nephew has never seen Kansas City play in a Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, my non-football fan wife stayed up to watch every minute of the Cotton Bowl, because she is a fan of Gary Pinkel.  Her nephew is an Okie State alumnus, and she called him to offer condolences before the game started.  I was just glad we were playing OSU instead of OU.

I give Pinkel credit because he does seem to care about his team.  But, Coach, please, what's that supposed to be?  The Brokeback Mountain prance?

Congratulations to Mizzou and to Coach Pinkel on a decent sophomore season in the SEC. 

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