Thursday, January 23, 2014

She Don't Lie, Propane.

Ow, a seventy cent per gallon spike could hurt.  I'm sure Hank Hill is deeply saddened.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration says propane supplies are extremely tight in the Midwest and the spot price in Conway, Kansas “has spiked far above the Gulf Coast spot price.
I need to get a bigger tank, or another tank.  This is more motivation for alternatives.

I didn't have any trouble when I filled my tank a couple of weeks ago, and I'm probably good for a couple more months, even if the cold weather continues.

As Brownfield notes, one of the causes of a tight supply was the late, wet corn harvest which required more BTUs to dry out.  See, if I were growing corn the first thing I would do is slap solar panels on my drying bins.  By the way, what do you suppose is the best name ever for a company that builds grain bins and dryers?  I nominate Sukup.

I guess they did miss out by not making vacuum cleaners.


  1. Bleh, we have a propane fridge, dryer, and on-demand hot water heater. It was part of of our off the grid program when we moved here. The bills are killing us.

    Wife wonders if this is another unintended consequence of ethanol production. We are growing more corn than we normally would.

  2. I hadn't thought of that. That's probably part of it.