Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Truth About Sandy Hook?

You can read the full article from Mike McDaniel of PJ Media HERE.  Do that.

McDaniel addresses some misinformation that was put out by the media in the immediate aftermath of the vile murders of innocents at Sandy Hook.  Erroneous and conflicting initial reports are to be expected in these situations.  First impressions and statements made when emotions are high are frequently incorrect.  I am far less concerned about the mistakes made then than about the refusal by authorities now to release the full details of what happened that day.

The source for McDaniel's article is the November, 2013 report from the state's attorney.  How exactly did the DA, Sedensky, come to this conclusion?

[The murderer] used multiple weapons, including an AR-15 and a shotgun, in his attack. He used a high-powered “assault weapon” and “high-capacity magazines.” The only weapon [the murderer] used to kill and injure all of the victims was a Bushmaster AR-15 pattern carbine. ...
A shotgun was found in [the murderer's] car, but it was not used in the attack. [the murderer] also carried a Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun, but did not fire it. [The murderer] killed himself with a shot to the head from a 10mm Glock 20 handgun, and before attacking the school killed his mother with a Savage .22LR bolt-action rifle he left on the floor of her bedroom.  (As usual, brackets added by me because such vile pieces of crap are undeserving of human names.)

As I noted at the time the report was released, most of the evidence file is still sealed.  We have only the conclusions and not the data used to arrive at those conclusions.  This makes it impossible to determine whether or not these conclusions are valid.  Yes, I am questioning the motives, honesty, integrity, and intelligence of a government official.  

It's my job.  Yours, too.

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