Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Geoff Lawton on Permaculture

... and other stuff at Surviving the Coming Crisis.

In order to view the videos, you'll have to give an email for confirmation, which signs you up.  I keep a few extra email accounts around for that sort of thing.

I haven't watched all of the videos, and some people have commented that Mr. Lawton is a leftist hippie flake.  He also uses the videos to get people to take his courses.  Caveats aside, the ones I've watched have good information, professionally presented. 

The emphasis is on design and how to set things up to get the most out of what one has.  One of the lessons, five acre abundance on a budget, for example, shows how to make use of surface water with an understanding of drainage and catchment.  It's an essential for sustainability and self-sufficiency. 

 If a person had any sense, looking at the way Lawton channeled water and talking to a good bulldozer man, it wouldn't be hard to figure out and implement a workable design on a given piece of property. 

By the way, I opened the first video not even knowing Lawton's first name, and I happened to have the sound off.  I knew by the way his mouth moved that he was speaking a form of English other than 'Merikan, and I was not surprised to find out that he lives in Australia. 


  1. Thanks Mush. That looks good. I've signed up. Can't be any worse than the gazillion NRA mails I get.

  2. I guess I never gave the NRA my email, but I was really getting lots of calls from them there for a while. They can really be annoying.