Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's OK To Hate Politicians

Ted Kennedy may have had some good qualities.  I doubt it, but I still do not hate Ted Kennedy as a person but as a politician.  I'm sure Bill Clinton is just as much a lying scumbag in his personal life as he has been in his public life, but I'm not allowed to hate him as a person.  I figure George W. Bush is a pretty good person in private; I'd probably enjoy talking baseball with him.  I voted for him three times, and I still dislike his politics and hate the fact that he helped give us more and bigger government.  I'm an equal-opportunity hater.  I've done the lesser of two evils thing enough that I hate nearly as many of the politicians I had to vote for as the ones I voted against. 

Ted Kennedy, though, is being honored and remembered today.  Oh, he was the "lyin' lion of the Senate."  He was an advocate for government-run health insurance, for civil rights, for the poor. 

He was guilty of voluntary manslaughter.  He drank too much, planned to violate his wedding vows by having illicit sex with a female campaign worker, missed his turn, ran his mother's Oldsmobile off a bridge, swam out to save his own worthless hide, and left a young, trusting girl to drown in the dark waters off Chappaquiddick Island.  Saving that girl and getting help to get her out would have been too inconvenient to his political ambitions.  He was destined to be President of the United States, following in the footsteps of his brothers John and Robert. 

I have no use for any of Joseph Kennedy's descendants.  John Kennedy would be a lot less of an icon if the back of his head had not been blown off down on Elm Street.  The legend of Robert Kennedy has also benefited from his tragic demise.  Edward was not so lucky.  He was able to live long and give us much bad legislation.  Because he was a Kennedy, he was elite and knew what was best for us.  He was a drunk, a degenerate, a womanizer, and a fat, lazy, slob, but he was better than the common people. 

I would say the same thing of most politicians, even those who are not as personally disgusting and repulsive as Ted Kennedy.  Again, I'm not allowed to hate the man.  I do, though, proudly despise everything he did and everything he stood for.  He represented all that is wrong with America, and the fact that his "legacy" is being celebrated tells me all I need to know about the sad state of our union. 


  1. I'm an equal opportunity hater of politicians myself, so I get what you mean.
    And I concur, they are symptoms of a much greater sickness permeating throughout our country.

    I wonder if it would still be so if our education system wasn't so horrible?

  2. A lot of it goes to education. We'd have a better chance if we shut down the teachers' unions and offered real school choice.