Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The First Step in Prep

It looks like Denninger is planning a series about prepping.  We can probably count on it being interesting.  In this first piece he talks about those with chronic, life-threatening conditions such as insulin-dependent diabetics, those on dialysis or requiring oxygen.  It makes preparing for any challenging situation much more difficult, and greatly decreases the likelihood of survival in a place like post-Tito Yugoslavia.

Another point he makes is one I have mentioned in the past. If a person is not healthy physically, emotionally, and (I would add) spiritually, getting healthy in those areas is a top priority:
Second, but not far down the list, is those of you who are allegedly preppers and have significant but able to be mitigated physical or emotional issues.  Deal with them now, and first, before worrying about the rest.  These sorts of issues take months -- and sometimes years -- to handle.  The most-important assets you have in any bad situation are your mind and bodily stamina.  If you are mentally unstable in any material way or physically challenged in a way you can address (e.g. you're fat and thus unable to undertake a hike of 10 or 20 miles with a heavy pack -- or run a few miles -- should the need arise) then fix that right now.  Again, all the prepping in the world is immaterial if you don't survive long enough for your supplies and planning to matter.

At my age, it is realistic to make peace with mortality and some loss of physical prowess.  I have a knee that has been bugging me for months -- possibly an MCL tear.  A few years ago, I would have been over it in a week.  My own personal survival in this life -- as some of you know -- has recently lost some of its appeal or whatever, but I still want to have something of a place of refuge and be a help and resource for family, friends and neighbors.

Updated to add the link to the second article "Common Personal Disasters".

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