Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Never Believe Any Headline on April 1

For example, Motorcycle USA has this one:  Justin Beiber to Play Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

That's how you know it's April 1st.  I've been looking around for bogus headlines.  Vanderlaun has the classic about Obama resigning and Biden rushing out onto the balcony in his underwear with his shotgun.  But, see, that one could happen.  Ace of Spades had one about Netflix picking up  the rights to Firefly, which was pretty clever, but it pales in comparison to the Beiber headline and copy.

This powerhouse performer’s expanded stage show matches his rockstar reinvention as motorcycle culture bad boy and includes prolific use of pyro-technics, onstage trick burnouts performed on his Ducati and a bevy of beautiful dancers sure to entertain the Chip’s biker audience. Beiber joins the likes of Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Five Finger Death Punch on the main stage roster.  


Sturgis is Harley Ground.  I hear the Archies are set to open for Beiber.  Tiny Tim was apparently not available. 


  1. Ha! That is a funny one. So was the Firefly one, but I knew that even if Netflix did do that, they wouldn't have Baldwin because he is in the new series The Last Ship, which is quite good, btw, and Fillion is doing Castle.
    It is kinda fun to see the crazy headlines places come up with.

  2. Incidently, my youngest brother was born on April Fools Day. He always had a difficult time convincing peoplethat didn't know him very well.

  3. It's my Number Two granddaughter's birthday, too -- the April Fools baby.

  4. Ha! Fooled me on the Firefly story. Saw it, believed it, but didn't click.

  5. It was kind of funny, like a Rick-roll thing.