Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Long May You Run

You all know about the 2011 Victory Vision, known as the Enterprise.  It was my wife's bike.  I got it because she wanted a nice pillion and comfort and amenities.  I was happy to give her what she wanted.  There's no question that the Vision is a nice bike, and it is very comfortable.  There's even a certain cool factor to it. 

I rode it a couple of times after my wife's passing, and, as much as I enjoyed being out on any bike, something was wrong.  I had talked about getting an SR400.  I looked at the Yamaha FZ-07, which is  a really nice little bike.  I considered adding an XT250 for running gravel roads and the like.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that, if I did that, the Enterprise would sit idle almost all the time. 

I have been a Yamaha guy for forty years, so I looked around at some more Yamahas.  They added the FZ-09 triple last year then created a "sport-touring" version of it called the FJ-09 that has ABS and traction control.  It has a more upright riding position than a typical sport bike, hand guards and a small wind deflector.  The more I pondered, the more it made sense to trade in the Vision on an FJ-09.  I ran it by my nephew who thinks the way I do about most stuff.  I also ran it by the kids and the older granddaughter.  It really wasn't a meaningful thing to them, but I wanted to make sure.

Despite the lingering effects of last week's virus, I took a demo ride on an FJ this past Saturday.  I was convinced. 

So, we say good-bye to the Enterprise with her mighty chrome heart.  Long may she run, indeed.

And we welcome our new steed:

About the same horsepower -- though less torque -- and half the weight. 

I bought a full-face helmet.  I may, at some point, add saddlebags, but, for now, I'm happy just to ride as is.

I was never a DC fan, but it could be the Batbike.


  1. Congratulations Mushroom on your new bike. May you have many miles of pleasurable and safe riding.

  2. That's more to my liking. So the frame tubes aren't tubes but specially shaped structural thingys. Pretty fancy. Well, it is 2015, it is the future.

  3. Thank you, Brendan.

    Yes, the engine's a stressed member and all that. Lots of high-tech.

  4. Yes, congrats, Mush! May all your rides be safe. I always wanted to try riding a motorcycle but Patti wouldn't have any of that.
    Which is probably a good thing, although I may still try it someday.

  5. It isn't the safest form of transportation, but it is fun sometimes.