Thursday, March 26, 2015

Where's My Enthusiasm?

Over at Townhall, Derek Hunter breaks down the Republican FrankenCandidates for 2016.

Cruz is the Brain.
Walker has the Resume.
Ben Carson has the Biography.
Perry has the Record.
Christie has the Donuts Attitude.
Donald Trump has the Ego.
Rubio has the Charm.
Carly Fiorina has the Spirit.
Rand Paul has the Personality.

Hunter explains it all, at the link.

Where's the guy with the Constitution?  I want a president with the Tenth Amendment tattooed on his forehead.  I want somebody who is committed to reducing the size and scope of the federal Jabberwocky.

The people for whom politics and government are central are looking for winners.

I don't need a cheerleader.  I don't need to be charmed or impressed or even led.  The office of the presidency could be competently run by anybody who graduated high school with a C-average or above prior to about 1975.  Anybody who can read and comprehend the Declaration and the Constitution -- and who believed the Founders meant what they said -- could serve and be a better president than we have had for the last one hundred years -- with the exception of Calvin Coolidge. 

We just went all out to elect a bunch of these GOP FrankenCandidates to the Senate and the House to give Republicans control.  What have they done with that?  They are not going to defund Obama's executive amnesty.  They are going to try to shove amnesty down our throats.  They are trying to get us involved in Ukraine.  They are not curbing spending.  They are not defunding Obamacare.  The are not shutting down the EPA or the ATF or Common Core.  They are worthless. 

I think Cruz, Walker, and Paul are all better candidates than Romney or McCain.  Dr. Carson is a brilliant man and an outstanding Christian.  Rick Perry is OK.  Chris Christie will drink your milkshake.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that no matter how good the intentions, they can't escape the power structure.  It's like the One Ring.  It doesn't matter who gets it, it corrupts them.  They can't wield the power without coming under its influence.  Then the ring wields the bearer, and somebody has to lose a finger.  


  1. A contributing problem is that Politics now seems to attract the wrong people. What capable person, successful in their career, their family and respected in their community wants to subject themselves to the banality of public life?

    Those endless party meetings, those endless committee meetings, the struggle to obtain consensus, and that's before they step outside their party caucus room!

    Unsurprisingly, political candidates are a general representation of our culture. We first have to win the culture war before we can hope for the right people to put their names forward. (IMHO).

  2. That's very true. The system is rigged to pre-select the wrong type of person.

  3. They forgot Bobby Jindal. I. do agree, Mushroom that we have no Coolidge level candidates, which is unfortunate, however they would all be preferable to any democrat candidate.
    I really hope Walker, Jindal or Perry wins the primary because they have governing experience.
    I like Cruz, and Paul, sometimes but they have very little experience and we really don't know a lot about what they truly believe.
    I would like to see Sessions run. He is about the closest I have read about and heard who greatly believes and respects the Constitution.

    I also agree withyou, Brendan. I can't blame inspirational conservatives such as Thomas Sowell for not running for President. The media is vicious and tell many lies about potentially inspirational conservatives, even when they don't run for office.