Thursday, March 12, 2015

Holder Hypocrisy

As you probably know, two Ferguson police officers were wounded early Thursday morning during a protest

What irritates me is that Holder and Obama were right in the middle of the Ferguson situation, throwing fuel on the fire and trying to, in my opinion, stir up enthusiasm for higher urban voter turn-out in the 2014 elections. 

I had the radio on briefly this afternoon and heard a report about Holder expressing support for the officers who were shot.  Obama tweets that they are in his prayers. 

These two clowns might as well have painted targets on the cops in Ferguson.  Holder is offering investigative support to find "those responsible".  Let me save you some time and trouble, Mr. Holder:  Look in the mirror! 

Literally hours before the shooting, Holder was suggesting that the Department of Justice might essentially take over the Ferguson police department.  He has left the impression all along that he thought the entire force there were a bunch a racists.  Why is he surprised that some of "his people" took him at his word?  The answer is that he isn't.  This is exactly the kind of "crisis" the regime wanted to create in order to gain additional power and leverage.   

I thought Bill and Hillary Clinton were the most shameless pieces of human flotsam that ever lived, but Obama and Holder are at least their equals. 


  1. Superb analysis, Mush.
    I agree that Obama, Holder, DeBlasio, etc., have incited racial hatred (based on lies) for political gain, plus Obama and Holder want a national police force led by like-minded lackeys to further erode our liberties.
    Of course, those on the left ignore the fact that Obama and Holder couldn't even find one incident of a white cop gunning down a black man due to racial hatred, which is why they had to lie about it and call it a national "epidemic."

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  3. I'm on the other side of the world, but it looks to meet that Obama is closer to getting the race war he seems to have wanted. If you were a citizen of Ferguson, would you be weighing up your options? Do you have a future there, or do your children?

  4. You're right, Brendan, there has to be increasing concern in Ferguson and neighboring municipalities. We further isolate and segregate ourselves as a result.

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