Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Netanyahu Controversy

This is just a reminder that Netanyahu did not accept the invitation to speak before a joint session of Congress until the Obama regime had been notified.  All this howling, hand-wringing, pearl-clutching, and boycotting is just so much kabuki theater by Obama and his Democrat allies.

No president gets to decide who should or should not be invited to address a joint session of Congress.  Congress, we would remind Obama, is a separate branch which our constitutional law expert might recall hearing about in his studies.  Protocol says the Executive Branch should be notified, and notified it was.  The rest is simply typical political blarney and malarkey.  From the Examiner link above:

Although Boehner only informed the White House less than three hours before the official announcemen, they never objected. According to official timelines, Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer then proceeded to notify the White House, State Department and embassies as per protocol. Since there was, no objections from the White House Netanyahu thought it was appropriate to accept, which he did. (Link in the original)

The White House waited until the invitation was accepted to object so they could act like petulant children -- which is pretty much what they are.  Obama has made it clear time after time that he has no respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, or the checks and balances of tripartite government when they conflict with his will to power and to getting his way.  He proves, again, that he is a far better tyrant than he is a man.    


  1. Only a tyrant would throw a tantrum just because Bibi spoke to Congress.
    As usual, Obama tries to make everything about himself.
    How dare the Prime Minister speak the truth to Congress and the American people without Obama's authorization!

    I also think Obama is angry because Bibi demonstrates actual leadership skills, wisdom, statesmanship and reason. Everything Obama is not.

  2. It's a sad time for the nation.