Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Virginia is for Vanity Plates

Click the picture for a more readable image -- the Yahoo article is here.

Everybody is special in their own way.  The other thing North Dakota is known for is having the shortest rulers. 

Imagine South Dakota as the intersection of a Venn diagram of adjacent states.  

What else is there to do in Mississippi?

An odd definition of paradise:  nobody ever hits a deer. 

I've been to Louisiana, and that makes perfect sense.

Sheep don't carry syphilis.

How can you be "most moderate"?  Wouldn't you have to be moderately moderate?

No one in Rhode Island drives out of sight of their house.

California, home of uncanny silicone valleys.

When my cats get old, they are planning on retiring to Montana.

Skynyrd said it long ago:  'Cause down in Alabama you can run, but you shore cain't hide.

Arkansas, home of Hawgs, dawgs, and logs.

Happy Trails to you.


  1. Funny stuff, Mush. I thought the same about RI.

    We have a great Gadsden flag vanity plate. Problem is you have to pay the premium every year. I would have one if it was just a one time extra fee.

  2. The Gadsden flag would be nice.

    Little known RI law: if you take the wrong exit, you have to move.

  3. Speaking of silicone, CA most likely has the most silicone breasts. At least in L.A..

  4. Who goes around measuring penises? I think I would remember if someone asked to measure mine. Must be a college thing.