Monday, March 16, 2015

Congealed Carry Permits

I was talking to someone the other day, discussing the idea of getting a permit to carry concealed.  I haven't been in a situation in the last forty years where I would need a concealed firearm.  Also, Missouri has always allowed open carry.  Finally, for the last five or six years or so it's been legal to carry concealed in a vehicle. 

But I was still thinking about getting a permit just because.  As much as I hate the idea of asking permission from the state to practice something as basic as self-defense, I was just about to break down and go for it.  Today changed my mind. 

Every so often I will work at a site where a background check is required.  I went down the county sheriff's office to get a couple of cards with my prints on them.  The first thing was that I had to go back to the car because I had a pocket knife with me.  I got rid of that, went back, emptied my pockets, took off my cell phone, wrist watch, and belt.  My boots still set off the metal detector so I had to pull up my britches' legs so the lady at the little counter could look down the shafts.

I got downstairs to the sheriff's office, and there were two old boys trying to renew their concealed carry permits.  The price is fifty bucks, and you have to have an appointment.  The deal is that you go through a class and get certified.  You take the certification down to the sheriff, go through some sort of interview and background check, pay some money, and get your permit.  That's bad enough.  When time comes to renew, you have to go through a bunch more rigamarole, jump through some hoops and eventually get to give somebody some more money.

Also, you are registered.  The Department of Revenue has all the information about your permit.  They were sharing that with the Feds and the IRS, until they were exposed a couple of years ago.  They are probably still doing it and not telling anybody.

They can pound sand.  If it gets bad enough that I'm worried about needing a gun, I'll wear it on my hip like Josey Wales.  Besides, it would be kind of hard to hide my Super Blackhawk under a t-shirt.    


  1. Sheesh, that's messed up.
    Here, to get a CCW it costs 50 bucks for four years, and 45 to renew it every 4 years after that. Plus, fingerprints and background check initially, however, no class is required, and renewals are easy and fast.

    One of the perks of having one is, wheneverI buy a handgun I simply need to show the permit and I can walk out with it the same day instead of waiting two weeks,
    Thankfully, the last two sherriffs are pro-second Ammendment.
    It is stupid even to go through that, and unConstitutional (our Sherriff thinks it is to but he has to follow the state law), but I still do itbecause I like to carry, just in case.

    The Super Blackhawk is a fine weapon. :)

  2. It's a lot less hassle just across the border in Arkansas, too. No permits needed.

    Bypassing the background check was one of my motivators, but I don't feel like going through it now. Maybe I'll change my mind again later.

  3. I don't blame you. One of the cons of having been in the military, and using the VA is that the govt. already has all my info., so for me it doesn't matter.

  4. Wife and I enjoyed the NRA pistol class we took a few years ago that was needed before we got our permit. It wasn't so bad here, fill out a form, fingerprints. Renewal was $50 last year which is a bit pricey. I rarely carry but I like having the option. Although I like seeing it, I think open carry is provocative -rather keep a low profile, you know.

  5. Yes, I was kind of looking forward to the class. Open carry is like going to town with your shirt off. Many people would be deeply offended by either in my case.