Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pray for George Zimmerman

I don't know George Zimmerman.  His politics differ from mine.  He voted for Obamanation.  He wanted to be a police officer or perhaps get a law degree.  He does not seem terribly bright, but he does seem like a decent enough person.  He cared about his community and tried to resist the wolves that prowled its fringes.  I don't know him, but I do know he is not guilty of murder or even manslaughter.

At Legal Insurrection, Professor Jacobson opens with this line I have a really bad feeling about the Zimmerman verdict.  I recommend reading it all.

I know how the professor feels.  I expect the jury to find Zimmerman guilty of an included charge of manslaughter.  In this case, in Florida, because of Martin's age and the use of a firearm, that means a thirty-year sentence. 

 I pray that I am wrong. 

As I have watched the case, it appears that the normal roles are reversed.  The prosecution, offering no solid evidence of any wrong-doing on Zimmerman's part, focused on bring his story into doubt.  The defense stuck mainly with facts and evidence, though damning evidence about Martin's use of drugs and his history of violence was suppressed by the court.  In a normal case, where the accused is presumed innocent, this would be no question of the verdict.

This is no ordinary case.  Zimmerman should never have been put on trial.  The former police chief, Bill Lee, says that he refused to make an arrest despite political pressure because it was wrong.  The video interview is in the link above.

As closing arguments begin, we pray that the six women sitting on the jury in this case will have the wisdom and understanding to see through the smoke and fog of lies, emotion, and innuendo from the prosecution and realize that they must find Zimmerman not guilty. 


  1. Despite all the efforts of the prosecution, I still think he is acquitted. Even the last minute 3rd degree murder charge shouldn't stick.

    Why do I believe this? Because I don't want believe that justice has been so corrupted until he is found guilty. It would be another blow, and I want to avoid considering it until it happens, like the 2012 elections.

    What really creeps me out is that the White House got involved. That is such a very bad sign.

  2. Well, I feel better. I was in meetings this morning and couldn't follow the defense closing arguments, but it sounds like his attorney did an excellent job of driving home how weak the prosecution case is. Apparently he also asked the jury to send a message to the state that cases like this should never be brought.

    The child abuse 3rd degree thing would probably have been really bad. My fear is based on the manslaughter charge. The sequestered jurors may not know the sentence it carries and can't be told.

    There sort of an implication of wrong-doing in the accusation. Why would the prosecution pursue a case if Zimmerman hadn't done something wrong? If that's in your thoughts, you might think that manslaughter would be a compromise.

    I wonder, too, if the jurors may have the sense, consciously or unconsciously, that they will be responsible for rioting if they return a straight "not guilty".

    I hope I'm over-analyzing.