Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Have Never Been Happier To Be Dead Wrong

Congratulations to George Zimmerman, and thanks to his defense attorneys, their staff, and to the jurors who proved that Americans and Floridians can still show some common sense.

Most of all, Thank You, Jesus!


  1. My thoughts exactly. I literally thanked God for giving those jurors the wisdom and the courage to do the right thing and base their decision on facts and evidence rather than being swayed by emotion or the threats of the race thugs. Black society now has the opportunity to show that they are mature enough to act as civilized adults in a civilized country. I hope they take full advantage of that opportunity so that perhaps we can reverse this rapid downhill slide of race relations in America.

  2. I'm hopeful. The preliminary responses are not too encouraging. In a nearby city here, we had people downtown with their Arizona-Watermelon-drink-and-Skittles memorial. The positive is that there was no violence.

  3. Good news. My estimation of the rate of decline of this society has slowed temporarily.