Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cover of the Rolling Stone


I can proudly say that I have never wasted a dime or ten minutes of time on Rolling Stone magazine.  I did once have a subscription to Crawdaddy.  Anyway, at least Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show had the right attitude.  Rolling Stone is Tiger Beat for fat, white boys. But equating a murderer with Justin Bieber might just be too much.  Go join Detroit in bankruptcy and Disco in the dustbin of history.


  1. Evil is sure making itself easier to identify these days, it seems.

    I'm also thinking about the Texas abortion supporters chanting 'Hail Satan.' They think they are being ironic and edgy and don't really mean it but they are still serving the Dark One nonetheless.

    Reminds me of a proverb I read somewhere :^)

  2. That's a good point. An enemy of God is still a friend of the devil, regardless of intent.