Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Quinnipac's new poll shows Trump trailing within the survey's margin of error -- a statistical tie.

Right now, polls are pretty unreliable.  After the 4th, things may solidify a little.  The stupid conventions will see-saw the lead.  Clinton may pick Warren, which will help her.  The Benghazi non-report lets her off the hook.  The emails are still out there.

I expect Clinton to be the next president.  It is the most probable outcome.

I expect disruptions at both conventions.

I expect lower than normal turn-out for a presidential election.  The level of enthusiasm is not high.

I would prefer the Senate and House remain under Republican control -- despite the fact the GOP has done nothing positive with their majorities.  I know the Senate is at risk, but I expect them to hold on to a bare majority, with the loss of three seats.

Clinton is a horrible candidate.  Sure, there are a few idiots, union bosses, and bureaucrats that are excited to vote for her, but she needs a potent V-P pick to break 50%.

Trump is going to bobble. He is going to have to start raising and spending money to be competitive.  I'm not sure he can do it.  When he is on, he is right on, but he is off a lot and the media is now his sworn enemy.  They are going to play up every fumbled statement, every glitch, and anything that might be perceived as a mistake.

Trump runs on being inevitable.  The leftist media -- a lot of so-called conservatives are playing up his weakness against Clinton.  The Beltway Cabal would rather have Clinton regardless of the letter that follows their name.  I just doubt that, with the weight of the establishment against him, Trump has the energy to pull it off.   

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Free Speech Nazis

As you have probably heard a group of "white nationalists" called the Traditionalist Workers Party scheduled a rally in Sacramento, CA on Sunday.  The rally had been planned for a number of weeks, and a "counter protest" was also planned by anti-nationalists (I suppose).

In the America I grew up in, I considered the American Civil Liberties Union as an enemy.  But I respected them because the ACLU, back in the old days, would defend KKK members as well as Black Panthers when it came to free speech, the right assembly, and the right of association.

That's the American way.  You can say whatever you want.  I may disagree with you.  I may detest everything you stand for, but I will stand beside you and be your shield while you speak your piece.  The First Amendment isn't needed to protect inoffensive speech.  Everybody should have the right to call people names, to state their belief in Bigfoot, the Tooth Fairy, Communism, Keynesian economics and other myths.

I will even defend a Muslim's right to preach hate for America, but, in return, I demand the right to call Islam a violent, uncivilized religion desperately in need of a reformation.  A Muslim can call me an Islamophobe.  I can call him a rag-headed goat raper.  A gay man can call me a homophobe, and I can call him a rump ranger.

This is part of what makes America great.

If those hipsters and anti-nationalists up there in Sacramento had surrounded the 25 or so nationalists and called them bigots or shouted that they hate California Nazis, that would be perfectly acceptable.  But they tried to shut the nationalists down.  Not just shout them down but physically attack them and drive them off the grounds.

I don't think this bodes well.  The HKB in the White House has not eased racial tensions.  He has made things worse.  Now everybody is a racist, a homophobe, or an islamophobe if you dare to disagree with anything the Democrats say.

If we can't have a conversation and a rational discussion of issues, whether it's immigration, gun control, deficit spending, crime, race relations, education, privacy, or anything else then, as I have said before, the contentiousness is going to get worse.  The confrontations and conflicts are going to get more violent.  Eventually there is going to be serious bloodshed.

For the left, compromise means that we give in to their demands and surrender more and more of our freedoms, traditions, values, and beliefs.  Nothing except complete control will satisfy them.  Look how the collectivists are reacting to the Brexit vote to see how they want to change the rules so they can't ever lose.

Some of us are getting tired of giving in to petulant, supremely ignorant and arrogant (because they are so ignorant) adult children who throw temper tantrums to get their way.  They don't think we will get angry because we have always been the adults.

Daddy's home.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Meanwhile in an alternate universe ...

... this might make perfect sense.

If you haven't heard already, the US Attorney General, Loretta "Out To" Lynch, says the government is redacting certain statements made during his call to 911 by the crazed, ISIS-motivated Afghan Muslim who shot up an Orlando nightclub.  He clearly pledged allegiance to ISIS, and ISIS has already taken some credit for the attack.

The people in Washington, D.C., are brain damaged in some way I cannot understand.  This was a terrorist attack growing out of the murderer's relationship to Islam and to militant elements such as ISIS within the religion.

Everybody is talking about his motivation.  His mother was arrested for domestic violence when she attacked his father a few years back.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  But in the 911 call, the punk didn't say anything about growing up in a dysfunctional family.  He said he was doing it to get America to stop bombing "his country".

Lynch and Obama, though, know more about the murderer's motivations than he did.  No external direction was involved.

People deserve the truth, or at least full disclosure of what is known -- not what the government thinks we can handle.   We can draw our own conclusions.

When, just a year ago, a similarly deranged and violent individual murdered several innocent people at a Christian church service, the authorities did not redact the picture of that murderer with a Confederate flag.  Not at all.  That guy was a white supremacist.  You still can't buy a rebel flag on Amazon because of its "association with violence".  Why can we still buy korans?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Douglas Murray Links

A couple of days ago, in conjunction with talking about Milo, Brendan mentioned Douglas Murray, of whom I had not heard.

I just ran across Milo and Douglas Murray together.

Bonus link:  Today, Brendan connects us to Mark Steyn discussing Murray.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Technology, Gatekeepers, and Narratives

You've probably heard about the alleged journalistic who was traumatized by his close encounter with an AR-type rifle.  Others have done a far better job mocking him than I ever could -- a good example is here.

I'm not really interested in that right now.  What I think is interesting is how time, technology, the internet, social media, etc., have caught up with the statists and their fourth estate allies.

Back in the late '90s and early '00s, I sensed that the right was a little out in front on the internet.  Talk radio was still a big factor, and the right dominated that.  Fox was coming to the fore as a conservative media alternative.  Bush rode that into the White House.  Dan Rather and his crew never imagined that some guy on the Free Republic aggregator would expose their fraud on the Bush National Guard story.

The iPhone helped change the dynamic, as did Fakebook, Twitter, et al.  The more sophisticated technology allowed those who were actually less tech savvy better access and wider audience.  The left made much better use of the Big Data concept than the right.

Libertarians, conservatives, alt-right, whatever you call us -- I think we are back in the game.  We have a lot more anarchy in the cybersphere these days, and I think that is good.  There are crazy people out there, but their craziness eventually gets exposed.

Big Media still thinks of itself as the gatekeeper.  Ten years earlier, Dan Rather would have gotten away with his bogus documents.  Not that long ago, the hysterics of the journalist noted above -- I can't even bring myself to type his name without making a crude joke, so I'll pass -- would have gotten much more play and been taken seriously by some.  These days, individuals get to talk back to such clowns.

There are pictures all over the internet and social media of little girls firing AR-type weapons -- which are better described as Modern Sporting Rifles, MSRs.  None of them are crying or acting like they've just seen the Hindenburg go down.  Far fewer people are going to buy this BS.

I sincerely hope this continues.  Big Media and Big Government hate individualism.  They are threatened by people who can think for themselves and who are wise enough to rely on themselves, their families and communities.  I hope and I pray that technology will help us recognize how little we need a massive central government, how inefficient and ineffective it is, how corrupt it already is and how easily it is corrupted further.

Neither of our major political parties wants us to see the truth.  None of the networks want us to realize how easily we can dispense with them.  A local reporter that does his or her job can now have a national or international audience.  "Going viral" with smart phone video is better than having a spot on NBC.  We don't need the gatekeepers.  We don't need their agendas, their activism or their censorship.  We can find out for ourselves.    

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Homeland Insecurity

So Obama's buttboy at DHS, Jeh Johnson, says gun control is now a matter of homeland security.

Hey, dumbass, the murderous gay Muslim worked for your department.  He had government clearance and worked as security.  He would have had access to firearms even in the most extreme of gun-grabber wet dreams.

Here is my gun control suggestion.  Given the widespread corruption and general incompetence of the vast majority of law enforcement personnel, ninja wannabes at the ATF, DHS, and others supported by the taxpayers of this country, I think everyone employed by the federal government should be armed with nothing more deadly than a sharp pencil.  That includes the president's Secret Service detail and security for Senators, Congressmen, judges, and bureaucrats.

When you low-life, parasitic, unproductive bastards have to walk around with your butts hanging out in the breeze, you might give the people you are supposed to work for a little more respect.

The highly-touted FBI failed miserably to stop a guy who was virtually one of their own from committing a heinous mass murder.  The only people they catch are the ones dumb enough to fall for their entrapment schemes.  This latest clown had everything but a neon sign on his forehead warning everyone around him that he was about to go postal, and the people who interviewed him THREE times about his blatant terrorist connections missed it.

Why isn't that the issue instead of the Not-AR that he carried?  (It was a Sig Sauer MCX.)

We have said we do not want any kind of firearms taken away from law-abiding citizens.  Maybe you should shut up about it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Necessity of Criticism

Molyneux states the problem well.

If you haven't listened to Molyneux's rant, it is well worth your time.

We are not willing to bring societal pressure on Islam to reform itself. That's what is needed -- not new laws against "hate" speech.  Hate is a basic human right.  I will defend your right to hate me, for example.  In return, I expect you to defend my right to hate Terry Jack's "Seasons in the Sun", rap, hip-hop, the IRS and the EPA.

Hate whatever you like.  Criticize whatever.

We need to be able to say to Muslims that attacking gays, marrying little girls, mutilating little girls, raping little boys, "honor killings", and such is sick and primitive.  If Muslims cannot handle that kind of criticism, if they cannot adapt to civilization, then they need to isolate themselves from civilized people and stay in their various third-world hellholes.

While we are at it, we need to say the same thing to some of the black people out there in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, to feminists, to gays, to transgender folks, and -- especially, to politicians.  We have a right to criticize you.  We have a right to hate your stupid, criminal, or barbaric behavior and to call you out about it.

You don't have to agree with us.  We can have a dialogue -- unless you end the conversation by calling us racist, homophobic, sexist, islamophobic, etc.  I am not a racist because I dislike the knock-out game or other thuggish, criminal behavior.  You don't get a pass on barbarism and criminality because you happen to have darker pigmentation in your skin or even because some white people who were much richer than my ancestors and completely unrelated to me held some of your ancestors as slaves two hundred years ago.

To have a civilized society -- the kind of society that makes everybody more prosperous, healthier and happier -- requires ALL of us to recognize the social contract.  The contract itself is not racist or sexiest simply because some white guys were the ones who put it together for the benefit of future generations.

The fact is, it works.  It doesn't work because it is a tradition.  It is a tradition because it works.  The non-traditionalists need to recognize and accept that.  Reality has shaped tradition.  Reality will eventually show some non-traditional groups the error of their ways.  Nothing is going to stop that, but accepting the criticism and engaging in a meaningful, honest dialogue with civilization might prevent a lot of bloodshed.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Magic Dirt

Like fairy dust, the impact of our magic American soil might be slightly overrated.  The murderer in Sunday morning's massacre was born in the States and was, until yesterday, quite magically, a citizen with exactly the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities I have. 

What could possibly go wrong with importing tens of thousands more "refugees" just like the murderer's parents who probably came here in the late '70s/early '80s when the Russians were invading Afghanistan?

How did our compassion work out for the people in that nightclub Sunday morning?

Back when cigarette commercials could run on television, Salem cigarettes had a jingle that ran:  "You can take Salem out of the country.  But you can't take the country out of Salem."  I wonder if it works the same way with Muslims? 

The news yesterday kept giving the murderer's name as "XXXX, an American citizen."

One of the first official press conferences featured a local Muslim clergyman.  

It wasn't just terrorism, it was "domestic terrorism", according to the talking heads.  I thought maybe it was an uprising among the Amish.  Imagine my surprise when I learned it was Islamic terrorism.

That's a pretty high casualty rate for one shooter.  It sounds like he may have been wearing a suicide vest that failed to detonate.  Could any other shooters have gotten out the back door?  Some reports say the shooter left and came back.  Maybe one or more left and the hostage-holder was supposed to up the death toll once the cops were inside. ISIS knows how cops go into negotiation mode when hostages are involved. Three hours were plenty of time for other possible perpetrators to make good their escape.

Early reports are often wrong.  Officials reports are often wrong as well.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Boromir Conservatives

Those who are familiar with The Lord of the Rings know that Boromir was the favored son of the Steward of Gondor, Denethor.  Boromir accompanied the Ring-bearer on his mission to destroy the One Ring of Sauron.  He thought destroying the Ring, immediately, was a bad idea.  Why not, he reasoned, use the power of the Ring to destroy Sauron?  It makes sense until you realize that the One Ring was forged by Sauron to capture and preserve his own corrupting power.  To use it was to, in essence, become Sauron the dark lord.  Our problem is not the political party in power in America.  Our problem is that everybody in power is in thrall to the One Ring globalist banking establishment. 

The parties appeal to their separate constituencies based on what various groups of voters believe is important.  For a lot of American voters like me, the Second Amendment is a high priority; others are concerned about abortion, education, Social Security, jobs, safety, the environment, taxes, etc.  The two parties stake out their demographic and ideological territories.  For Democrats, it is stuff like free health care, social welfare benefits, more money for education, higher taxes on the “rich”, more “social justice”, support for minorities, forced acceptance of sexual deviants, and so on.  Republicans support law and order, resist gun control, vote to lower taxes, and support some deregulation of businesses.  Both parties, depending on the circumstances, are interventionist when it comes to foreign affairs.  The Republican Party, which gets the majority of white evangelical votes, appears more loyal to Israel. 

If you are a white Christian, pro-life, NRA member living in the suburbs or rural areas, you probably vote Republican most of the time.  If you are a teacher or other government worker, favor public sector unions, a woman’s right to choose, and gun control, you probably vote Democrat. 

The parties know their constituencies and choose their candidates and construct their party platforms to maximize the turn-out of their voters, but, once they put on the ring assume office, our elected representatives represent the globalists.  There is already a one-world government and has been for many years.  Much of its authority has been derived from American military power and technology, but it also comes from the central banks – the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan.  Debt-based currencies, Keynesian economics, and deficit spending have made western governments dependent on the central banks’ currency manipulations.  Debates and disagreements between the parties in national elections merely determine who gets to wear the ring. 

As voters, we get caught up in the facts and emotions of gun control, abortion, homosexual marriage, universal health care, military spending, etc., on a national level.  The parties distract us with their differences over which bathroom people should use while being unified when it comes to their support for unregulated immigration (i.e., invasion).

A number of people in this country have finally awakened to the destruction being wrought upon our culture by deficit spending and a flood of third world invaders.  Birthrates in the West are below replacement levels.  The only way the population can keep expanding and the debt-based currencies continue inflating is for our borders to be open to the invasion. 

Trump – whether he is serious or not – threatens the status quo.  The GOPe would like to bring our focus back to abortion, to our neo-con, interventionist foreign policy, or some other issue that makes immigration less prominent.  “Trump doesn’t act like a Christian; vote for Clinton.”  In what bizarro parallel universe does that statement make sense? 

If we were to close the borders, deport the invaders, cut spending to the point of balancing the federal budget, and audit the Federal Reserve, we would that much closer to holding the Ring over the volcanic fires of Doom.