Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Learn To Grow Taters

I didn't watch The Martian. I have, however, spent a lot of time planting, cultivating and digging potatoes.  Potatoes are relatively easy to grow.  If you live more than 800 feet above sea level you can keep your own seed potatoes.  If space is limited, container potatoes are a possibility.  

There are lots of sites and videos on the 'net to tell you how to grow taters.  Avail yourself of instructions if you are a tuber newbie.  

I'm just here to encourage you to do it.  Potatoes will keep you alive.  They are calorie-rich as well as being nutrient rich.  I would put potatoes near the top of the survival garden hierarchy, along with beans, peas, or chickpeas.  Sweet potatoes and squash are good choices, too. 

A lot of people will ask, What about corn?  Corn is good.  You can probably grow a significant amount of corn in an 8'x8' plot, especially if you plant pole beans and squash in the same area.

Think about it and plan to do it come spring.  We're going to need it.