Friday, May 27, 2016

Reality versus Ideology

In an ideal world, things would be different.  It is possible to imagine an ideal world in some limited, very strictly defined way.  You can build intricate computer models for forecasting weather, economics, or elections.  They may be better than a wild guess by a modest percentage, but they are still going to fail forty percent of the time.  We cannot cover all the bases, get all the inputs, all the factors. 

Ideology isn't the same as having principles.  Principles guide us in the real world.  We make real world choices based on our beliefs about what is right and wrong.  Ideology deals with that model world of imagination where there is no poverty, disease, or suffering, where earthquakes can be predicted, and hurricanes and tornadoes can be prevented.  To be principled is to know how to react when the inevitable disaster strikes, how to deal with financial reversals, and so on.

The president of American black people visited Hiroshima, Japan where the first nuclear weapon was used in war.  While he did not go so far as to say we were wrong, he did say that using a nuclear weapon was "evil".  I suppose the Bataan Death March was the first biggest loser competition for overweight American soldiers.  What does the HKB think Pearl Harbor was?  What was the murder of millions of innocent people by communists in China and the USSR?  Again, is it worse to kill non-combatants with nuclear weapons than with a machete or bullet to the back of the head? 

Humans do bad things to one another.  We are fallen, and we can't get up without the Cross.  Long before we had nuclear weapons, we killed one another with rocks, sticks, and fire.  In theory, our nuclear arsenals could destroy the human race.  But perhaps seeing the awful, destructive power of a nuclear weapon has convinced us that we should never use them.  Perhaps those who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not perish in vain.  Millions more lives may have been saved by those horrific fireballs that roared out from ground zero. 

As with guns, ideologues like the HKB do not place the blame in the right place.  No tool is evil.  An ICBM has no will and cannot be evil any more than it can be good.  In this case, the bombs dropped on Japan served the same function as the sword or a gun in the hand of one defending the innocent.  Faced with a recalcitrant and intractable enemy, America sought a way to change the mindset of the Japanese, to show them that defeat was inevitable and that further resistance would result in the soil of Japan being saturated with the blood of millions of Japanese as well as hundreds of thousands of American soldiers. 

The evil was the stubbornness and pride of the Japanese leadership and people. 

I was brought up despising Harry Truman, but even I admit that, in this particular case, Truman made the right call.  He was still in touch with reality.  Obama is not.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Old Guy With a Revolver

There was a movie a few years backs called "The Way of the Gun" with James Caan and a couple of younger guys.  There is a lot of shooting, mostly with shotguns and autoloading pistols, especially 1911s.  Caan's character finishes everything off with a snubby revolver.

It's a cliche of sorts, but a lot of older guys shoot revolvers.  They did not stop being effective when Glocks were created.

As I noted a few days ago, I recently got my CCW permit.  I knew my Glock 17 was going to be difficult to carry concealed.  The Springfield is slightly bigger.  It won't be so much of a problem come November, but right now it is uncomfortable under a t-shirt.

I thought maybe I needed to buy a new gun.  Then I remembered that I have an old Rossi Model 68, equivalent to a S&W J Frame that I have owned for 30 years or so.  I decided to take it to my pistol range down in the gully.  It shoots only standard .38 Special -- no +P, but it is easy to shoot.  I was amazed to find that is still shoots rounds into essentially the same hole at 15 yards.  I tried some ancient 158-grain round nose and some new, high-tech 110-grain.  They all did the same thing.

Of course, I was shooting single-action, because I am a terrible double-action shooter and the old Rossi has a Rossi DA trigger rather than a S&W or classic Colt DA trigger.  Still, it shoots.  If I don't hit what I'm aiming at, it's not the gun's fault.

Plus, the 5-shot disappears in my backpocket or in a holster under a t-shirt or an inside pocket on my biker vest or wherever.  It doesn't dig into any of my body parts when I sit down or get in the way when I do something.

I love my stupid Glock 9mm, and semi-autos are fun to shoot.  Instead of popping a few hundred on a new, smaller Glock or Ruger, though, I'm off to find a new holster for the old Rossi and look for deals on .38 Special so I can be the OGWAR.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Custom-Built Hell

I occasionally read the Anonymous Conservative blog, and the topic here is Venezuela.

If you aren't familiar with AC, he talks about "rabbits" as r-strategists versus K-strategists "wolves".  Rabbits prosper and reproduce in low-threat environments of abundance.  K-strategists are adapted for high-threat environments and scarcity with struggle and competition.  I am not sure how much truth is here, but it is interesting.  It is certainly my belief that the current level of divergence from reality and failure to recognize obvious and blatant threats could only take place in the relative peace and prosperity of the last few decades in the West.

When there is no longer "plenty for everybody" things change:

More and more I see people who could best be described as sub-human. Because society is in a state of r, K-strategists who want to rectify this at the genetic level have to confront that if they take action, they likely will be acting alone, and subject to the legal strictures of the rabbit. 
As K takes over, K-strategists begin to realize that if they act, they will probably be acting within the cover of a group. As the law attempts to catch them, their fellow K-strategists may offer them cover. If they are caught, K-strategists on the jury may very well subvert the legal process in the favor of their fellow K-strategist.
I am reminded of what happens to child molesters in prison.    When people are forced by circumstances to move to K-strategies, there is going to be more vigilantism and "street justice".  The result will sometimes be injustice -- but that is the case now with our legal system operating in violation of the laws of common sense, of nature and of nature's God.  
A couple of years ago, a loathsome creature grabbed a little girl, about ten years old, I think, off the sidewalk. He raped and murdered her then threw her body in a bin filled with bleach to destroy the DNA evidence.  The cops caught him and locked him up.  He is still awaiting trial, costing the taxpayers money, and using up oxygen.  When society breaks down -- and it will, creeps like that will be lynched or set on fire like the mugger in Venezuela.  
Sooner or later stupidity creates the hell it deserves.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Missouri CCW Bonus

I picked up my permit from the county sheriff's office recently.  Missouri is pretty reasonable about a citizen's right to own various weapons and open carry but restrictive about concealed carry of things like fixed blade knives.

A CCW holder is exempt from the restrictions on edged and impact weapons in addition to being able to carry a concealed firearm.  I have been known to carry a neck knife, which would technically be a violation.  I don't have to worry for the next five years.  That makes it especially nice when riding the bike or carrying knives in the truck.

This is not true in every state, and it isn't all that clear from the MO statutes.  It requires a bit of attention and reading through.  The fact that government did something that actually makes sense is kind of astounding.  If a person has cleared the background check for carrying a firearm, it seems reasonable to allow them to carry a baton or the blade of choice.      

Monday, May 9, 2016

Health Threats

Denninger talks about medical "mistakes" killing a quarter million Americans annually.

That is like nine or ten times the homicide rate.  This is not to mention the hundreds of thousands that die from listening to doctors' advice about diet, exercise, and medication.  

Got Type II diabetes?  My late wife had one of the best endocrinologist in the country.  He, like her, was a Type I.  He was a good man and a good doctor.  Yet his office was filled with Type IIs, nearly all were overweight and many of whom were crippled from amputations because they were being told to eat a low-fat, high-carb diet.  My wife's aunt and cousin both suffered amputations and both were Type IIs.  They took their prescribed, state-of-the-art meds and followed a strict diet and got worse and worse.  

Most doctors mean well.  If something is bleeding and won't stop or actually broken, I have no problem going to the doctor.  Without doctors, I would have bled to death forty-six years ago.  I owe my life and my sight to skilled surgeons with the latest technology, including antibiotics.  Still, doctors are human, and pharmaceutical companies want to make money.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

How Soon They Forget

Some "conservative leaders" are talking about a third party now that Trump is the presumptive nominee.

I guarantee you that if Jeb had been the nominee or even Cruz (I was more of a Walker guy myself because I despise public sector unions in particular) those of us considered the "base" would have been told to get in line for the Most Important Election Ever.  Clinton must be defeated!

The GOP wing of the uniparty could shove a moderate George H.W. Bush, Bob "his turn" Dole, George W. Bush, John "his turn"McCain, and Mitt the Mormon down our throats, and we were supposed to swallow and say, "Please, sir, can I have some more?"  A nominal Democrat friend wondered the other day if Trump is part of a clever Democrat plot to destroy the Republican Party.  My first thought is, No.  He is the result of a Republican plot to destroy the Republican Party.

I might actually vote for Trump in the general because he will be better on the Second Amendment than Clinton or any other Democrat.  Probably not.  Nevertheless, it would make as much sense as voting for any of the last four losers.