Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Water Everywhere

At times like this, I am glad my house is where it is.  If it ever backs up here, you will be needing an ark.  Living along a creek or a river is wonderful until hilltops start turning into creeks, and the creeks turn into lakes as is the case in areas of Missouri -- especially around Fort Leonard Wood.  In the town of Waynesville, a woman and her four-year-old son died when their car was swept off the road.

As natural disasters go, flash flooding is one of the more deadly.  Our topography means that every little dry wash with a low-water slab crossing is a potential killer in heavy rains.  If a person doesn't drown immediately, there's still a good chance of being killed by debris.  What is happening now is unusual only in terms of the time of the year.   

It really does take only a few inches of water to cause a vehicle to lose traction and potentially be swept off to destruction.  Be careful.


  1. That's a lotta watta. Nice looking place there Mush, is that your pond to the right or more flooding?

  2. That's the pond. The spillway is just off the right edge of the picture. If I had been using a better camera I might have been able to get the weird effect of the a current running across the pond. It was pretty neat.