Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photo Identification Politics

Colin Powell, a man I once thought was pretty sensible, is a racist.  First, he voted for Barack Obama solely because Obama is black.  That's not my opinion, but what can be derived from Powell's own statements at the time.  He thought that Obama was up to the task of being president -- which he clearly wasn't and isn't, and he thought it was acceptable to vote for him so that a black man could be president.  If I voted for a man based on his pigmentation, I would be a racist.  I have never done that.  Colin Powell has; ergo, Powell is a racist.

 Last week, Powell, who has no expertise or grounds for authority in this area, declared unequivocally that voter fraud doesn't not exist, also, photo identification is racist

Please explain to me logically how a photo ID is racist or makes it more difficult for a registered voted to cast a ballot.  I'm not sure how North Carolina's law is written, but free photo IDs are generally provided to people who do not already have one -- a miniscule portion of eligible voters -- and cannot afford one.  Most of us have a picture ID because we drive.  People who receive government benefits usually have or can easily acquire such an identification card.  I would imagine most veterans have picture IDs. 

It is simply not comparable to a poll tax or a literacy test.  Personally I think only taxpayers should be allowed to vote.  People who receive a check from the government should not be eligible since they are prone to vote their pocketbooks.   

Here's the question:  if there is no voter fraud, what threat is posed by a free picture ID?  What is this vehement, and, to me, irrational, opposition protecting people against?  I do not get it. 

Unless -- I mean, is it possible that perhaps those opposed to a photo ID requirement know that this might cut down the 100% (or more) voter turn-out in cities like St. Louis? 

I will admit that a lot of these urban voters have nothing to do except vote, but what is the overall turn-out in a general election?  Maybe fifty or sixty percent at best?  Considerably less than 100%, I know.  Inner cities do have a lot in common with dictatorships, including one-party rule and perfect voter participation, and The Party always gets all of those votes. 

Powell is also an idiot who "questions" the verdict delivered by a jury in the trial of a man who defended himself with deadly force against a brutal attack by a street thug.  Any respect I might have had for Colin Powell is gone with the wind.


  1. Those who oppose photo IDs are the worst of the worst liars. The fact that they fight these laws just show how depraved they are.

    Here in VA, we have a black Lieutenant Governor candidate, E.W. Jackson. An exceptional man, Marine, Harvard Law, Harvard Divinity, heads his own Church. We love him in these parts (the elites on our side don't like him but that's a different issue).

    I wonder if Colin Powell will vote for him?