Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Prisoners Here Of Our Own Device

John Whitehead writes about "Prisons Without Walls" at the Rutherford Institute.

You should read Whitehead's piece.  Anybody who references John Carpenter's They Live is deserving of your time.

I am aware of and have probably even mentioned here some of the things that Whitehead talks about.  I think the image that brought it home to me most emphatically was that of people being forced out of their homes as lawless, badged ninjas sought the reprehensible Boston Marathon bomber.

Forty years ago, perhaps even twenty years ago, the authorities would have set up roadblocks, they would have patrolled the areas, they would have asked for the cooperation of the citizens, but they would not have forcibly entered private homes in their wannabe-operator gear threatening the innocent with hot weapons.

Recall that Tsarnaev was found hiding in a boat by a homeowner after the "shelter-in-place" curfew was lifted.  The whole operation was a massive travesty of wasted time and taxpayer money for the sake of optics and reinforcement of the police state's authority over a subject people.  The message was that we are no longer citizens but serfs, living for the almighty State at the whims of the almighty State and its authorized, armed agents.  

Time to hand out the sunglasses.


  1. Excellent article, Mush, and the warning signs are everywhere, in plain sight for those who will don the sunglasses and look for themselves.

    What's even more disturbing is that some know this, but are not concerned, because they consider their security to be more important than their liberties.
    Of course, they deserve neither, but, ironically, they are, in truth, less secure than they think they are.

    The 96% failure rate of the TSA is but one example of many about how ineffectual govt. leviathans are at keeping us safe.
    When there is more individual liberty we are more safe, from foreign threats and from our own govt. agencies.

  2. I agree. The greatest threat is government.