Thursday, June 11, 2015

One of the Reasons I Could Never Be a Cop

From Jim Hoft's Gateway

Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier wrapped her baby in towels, sprayed her with WD-40 and torched her baby girl alive.
She told a Simontown Road resident that her dog had pooped in the car and she was burning it. 
But it was her newborn baby girl.

How could anybody do that?

I come down on the militarization of local police forces.  I don't like the police state or their authoritarian stance.  However, it is beyond my comprehension how cops and EMTs have to routinely deal with horrific scenes like these without going to pieces.  You have to admire the resolve, fortitude and self-control in these situations.  If it had been me, I don't know how I could have kept myself from killing the woman.

One of the neighbors confronted the woman thinking she was burning trash in the middle of the street:

“When Joseph went to confront the person, identified as Dorvilier, standing near a fire with can of WD-40 in her hand, he asked the 22-year-old to put the fire out. According to the statement, the 22-year-old apologized to Joseph and extinguished the flames with a water bottle,” one news report indicated. “It was at that point that it was discovered that the fire was not what Dorvilier claimed. Once the fire was out the baby began to cry from below the smoldering towels and paper and Dorvilier tried to run.”

The baby was transported to a hospital where she died two hours later.

I would rather live among mad dogs than people like this.  


  1. I couldn't take the mental trauma. This story and the story last week about the family that stomped on the pregnant daughter to kill the baby. It's almost too much for me even at this distance.

  2. Aye, that is, to say the least, extremely difficult to deal with.
    This is evil incarnate, and it would take formidable discipline not to fill demonic, subhumans like this piece of $hit full of lead.