Friday, June 19, 2015

Miscellaneous Friday

As I said elsewhere, this has been a busy week.  I have a couple of new things to review.  I may get to those next week -- though it will be short week for me.

I suppose I should make some comment about the scum that murdered those innocent folks at the church down in Charleston.  Too bad he didn't try to shoot it out with the cops.  He's as sick and manical as that Norwegian, Breivik, though not as effective or methodical.  I guess Obama doesn't think Norway counts as an "advanced nation" -- or France, either.  The last time we had this kind of mass killing it was done by the police outside a restaurant in Waco.

Great quote from Lileks in today's Bleat:

That's better than the picture of the terrorist with the haircut like an overturned bowl of pudding; they seem to think we should all look at his face periodically throughout the day, instead of the victims. They're always footnotes to the killer's stories. 

The thing to do is ignore the layers of leftist, statist narrative being dumped on this crime.  The families of the victims need and deserve our prayers and any support we can offer them in their time of grief and pain.  If I had any doubt that Obama is a worthless, soul-less piece of garbage, his attempt to politicize this horrific tragedy to push the oligarchy's agenda has resolved them.  When it should have been all about the victims of this senseless, despicable act by a madman, Obama had to make it about himself as he has done every time he has had the opportunity.  I will be glad when this half-Kenyan bastard's time in office is up.  What a pathetic excuse for a man.

The rain should finally be out of the area for a few days after today.  That's good.  Saturday, I am supposed to go along with some family to a minor league baseball game.  The Cardinals Double-A team in Springfield is scheduled to play the Arkansas Naturals, a Royals farm club.  A couple of these guys will probably be in the Bigs in a year or two.  Kolton Wong was with the Springfield Cardinals a couple of years ago before moving up to the parent club.      

I realized the other day that I have a boatload -- like somewhere around 600 -- 55 grain bullets for my .223.  Perhaps I should say, rather,  projectiles, to avoid the bullet-cartridge confusion. I am, though, way short on Hodgdon H4895 powder which is what I usually use and has become somewhat difficult to find.  At some point, however, I had picked up a pound of Hodgdon's BL-C(2).  This is good .223 powder -- about the middle of the pack under lighter bullets but almost identical, velocity-wise, to H4895 behind a 55-grainer.  So I set up my powder measure and scale and loaded 35 empty cases.  It seems to shoot right on, but I haven't had a chance to test them for accuracy.  They are moving along, I think, a little under 3300 fps.  I'll see how they group and go from there.


  1. I'm with you on the victims families. This is not an opportunity for politics.

  2. Yes, they are good people who do not deserve to be used this way.

  3. Although I now expect idiots like Obama to use tragedies for their own political gain, it is still somewhat shocking just how reprehensible these maniacs can get.

    My prayers for all the families and friends that these senseless murders have affected, and may God comfort them.