Thursday, June 4, 2015

Geller Targeted Again

Police have confirmed that Pam Geller was the initial target of a man who attacked Boston police with a knife.

A quote from the link:
Geller — a combative personality known for provoking Muslims by campaigning against a mosque near the World Trade Center site in New York, sponsoring inflammatory advertisements and organizing Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas — wasn't surprised that she may have been a target.

Provoking Muslims -- that's it.  The problem is not homicidal Islamic crazies, it's Geller's instigation and our antiquated free speech rights.  From John Nolte's piece:

Keep in mind that Geller is guilty of nothing more than engaging in the good, old-fashioned art of American satire — something the media does not even consider news when conservatives or Christians are viciously targeted. Geller and her group created political cartoons. That is all they did. They are guilty of nothing more than what we see on the editorial pages of every newspaper in America every day.

Also keep in mind, that Geller’s protests are no different than what Martin Luther King engaged in at Selma. At great risk to themselves, both used intentional provocation to fight for their (and our) God-given rights against savages.

Geller didn’t choose the form of protest against her oppressors any more than King did.

CNN would never ask a rape activist if she is provoking a rape and relishes the idea of being hunted by a rapist.

I'm not so sure about that last sentence.  I can easily imagine CNN doing that to a conservative Christian woman. 

The media has an agenda.  They will out-and-out lie if they think they can get away with it (Dan Rather's fake-but-accurate documents from 2004).  More often they will edit, twist, and distort to create the narrative they are pushing and to discredit and disqualify any critics. 

Free speech is a hill worth dying on.  If we do not start pushing back and asserting our rights to tell the truth, to satire and ridicule when appropriate, we will lose those rights.  I think it takes a lot of courage to do what Geller has done, and I believe it is the right thing to do.


  1. Hear hear! As a mouthpiece of the democrat party, it is no surprise that CNN only want speech that supports their leftist ideology, as do virtually all leftist news organizations and reporters.

    Note that they don't say the source of the "inflammatory advertisements" which are threats spoken by muslims such as the Palestinians, which Gellar is trying to expose, since leftist news agencies rarely, if ever report what they say.

    "Combative personality" means she will defend the truth and call out reporters who lie, distort, omit, and make up their own facts.

  2. Well girls, using that reasoning, it's burkas for all!