Tuesday, June 23, 2015

National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro

If you're ever passing through Springfield, MO, you know you are going to stop at THE Bass Pro off the southwest corner of South Campbell and Sunshine. 

I get over there several times during the year, depending on what I need, but if the grandkids come down, and we go to town to eat or whatever, there's a good chance we'll end up going by there.  That happened this past weekend.  We were going to a Springfield Cardinals game that started at 6:10pm, and we ended up with about an hour and a half to kill before the gates opened. 

We did a little shopping, and my daughter asked if I had ever been through the NRA museum that occupies the floor above the hunting and shooting section of Bass Pro.  I have passed by it a number of times since it has been there, but usually I'm on a mission.  The guys in the group headed up the steps, and it was great.  I wish I had had more time.  I am definitely going back with my camera, so consider this a preliminary review. 

The air rifle that Lewis and Clark carried is in there.  Matchlocks, a Winchester Model 70 Radio Rifle (c. 1955 -- contained a transistor radio in the stock), a .700 Nitro double rifle, Bass Reeves' Peacemaker, all kinds of beautifully engraved firearms, and on and on.  It is basically a visual history of sporting arms. 

This c.1800 engraved and inlaid shotgun was presented byNapoleon Bonaparte to the Marquis Faulte de Vanteaux of Limoges, ageneral in his army.

It is definitely worth the time to tour, and you can't beat the price which is free.   Assuming you manage to get out of THE Bass Pro without buying something. 

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  1. Now that is art! Thanks for the raccoonmendation, Mush. I know I could spend hours in a place like that.