Monday, November 24, 2014

Sad Typographical Error

For those of you who have been wondering, this is where Sooners come from. 


The truth is that it is sad.  This man is a father.  He has lost a son.  It doesn't matter what a kid is like, it's your kid.  You love him or her.

We all made mistakes and did monumentally stupid things when we were young.  At least I did.  I've broken the law, sometimes out of ignorance, mostly out of orneriness.  I was fortunate enough to live long enough to learn better.

I feel sorry for Michael Brown.  Indictment or no -- and Hoft indicates there will be none --  I do not believe the young man had to die.  I feel sorry for his family, despite the fact that they seem to be milking the situation for publicity and money.

I won't feel sorry for any looter who gets ventilated by a righteous citizen.  Burning Clayton or Ferguson won't improve the relationship with the police.

The difference between this and the Rodney King situation is that the news played an isolated clip of King being beaten by several officers.  When the jury returned a not guilty verdict, LA went up.  Here, I think, we may escape with protests and minor looting.  There's no comparable video of Wilson gunning down a kid who was trying to surrender.  It's all words.

We hope that the good people -- and there are many -- in Ferguson will be able to restrain the more lawless, mostly outside elements.  Non-violent protests are understandable and acceptable.  Help the rest of us to remain sympathetic.  Do not alienate us with violence and destruction.   

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