Friday, November 21, 2014

Rule of Law v. Rule of Thugs

I guess I'm supposed to be upset about Obama's egregious usurpation of power with last night's speech about not enforcing the immigration laws.  While I have a sort of sick emptiness in my guts, I'm not terribly disturbed, perhaps, in part, because it is nothing new.

The Obama regime has been ignoring the Constitution and the laws on the books from the very first.  This is just one more grandstanding opportunity for the politicians in Washington to give the media one more news segment where advertisers can sell more soap.  

The laws on the books with regard to immigration have not been enforced.  If you want to stop illegal immigration, you a) enhance border security, b) penalize heavily anyone who so much as hands an illegal a Jackson for yardwork, and c) shut down wire transfers of money by non-citizens to Mexico and Central America.  The fourth move is to absolutely stop giving automatic citizenship to anyone born on American soil.  If your parents are not citizens, naturalized or natural-born, you are not a citizen unless and until you go through the process and are naturalized. 

More to the point, in my thinking, if there is one thing I've learned about Chicago-style thugocracy it is that it is all about misdirection.  They keep firing stuff at you so that you can't mount the offensive that would take them down.  This immigration speech is just another stink-bomb lobbed in the direction of the American people. 

Congress should simply defund and eliminate DHS from the budget.  They should defund the TSA.  They should dismantle the EPA.  Repeal Obamacare.  And so on.  Keep firing stuff at the regime so that Obama is on defense all the time.  The thugocrats do not do well on defense.  They make mistakes. 

We are in a war of liberty versus tyranny, of the rule of law versus the thugs.  (Thugs, by the way, cross nominal political boundaries.)  Unless we are willing to shoot back, we will lose.  That's what we sent the Republicans to D.C. to do.  Most would rather play catch with the thugs than take them out.  We need to let them know we know their game. 

The main reason that I'm not so upset is that hubris is real and has very real consequences.  Humble yourself and you will be exalted.  Exalt yourself and you will be humbled.  The thugocrats will never humble themselves, so someday they will all, individually and collectively -- since they are so fond of and devoted to colletivism -- grovel in the dirt. 

I may not be around to see it, but I can smile just the same. 

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