Saturday, November 15, 2014

Amnesty Is Really About Keeping Families Together

Our immigration system is "broken".

I have a different idea.  If you are an illegal immigrant, and you miss your family, go back where you came from.

You come to America legally -- we welcome you.  That's great.  You want your family here?  They can get in line.

The immigration system isn't broken, but the border is.  Border security is broken. 

If you broke the law to get into this country, you are a criminal.  You don't have any respect for our laws or the rule of law.  Why would I want you here?  Odds are, when we have some other law you don't like, you will feel free to break that one, too. 

We understand that you came to this country because your own country is messed up.  There's a good chance it's messed up because there is no respect for the rule of law by the people in power.

That is not an import we want.

You're not that important.  We can get by without you. 

Go home.


  1. Mushroom

    I hear you. Any culture, people or civilisation can import a certain level of dysfunction and still overcome evil with good. However, once the numbers become significant and risk overwhelming the host culture, then legitimate push back becomes necessary.

    Not that your president understands or cares, it seems.

  2. Exactly.

    We've seen the same thing happening between states. Colorado used to be a sensible state, but because California was getting so bad, many Californians relocated to Colorado. Unfortunately, they took the same attitude that ruined the Golden State with them.