Monday, November 24, 2014

Buckwheat Panic


Oh, that's not what they meant?

Ah, I see, the Russians have a Buckwheat problem.

I don't have much time today, so you can write your own jokes.

Yes, I am a Bad Man™.


  1. I have vague memories of watching Lil Rascals on crappy afternoon TV. Didn't like it much, lots of running around and screaming punctuated with scratchy sounding dialog.

    I'd probably like it now.

    Anyhow, reading that St. Petersburg article reinforces my opinion that the Russians aren't the boogey men of my youth. The article sounded a bit "free press" ish. I kind of like the Ruskies, to tell the truth given the antics I see on YouTube.

    I also kind of like ol' Pooty Poot too. Maybe I'm just being duped by a successful PR campaign. At least he acts in the best interest of his country.

  2. Yes, that's what I thought, too. It seemed like a balanced, reasonable report. As soon as I saw "buckwheat panic" in the headline, I saw that picture in my head and couldn't resist.

    I'm not anti-Putin, either. He's working in the interest of his country, which is what he's supposed to do. It would be nice to have a leader like that.