Monday, November 17, 2014

Mobile Vise Stand

I haven't been doing many reviews lately, and I will try to remedy that. 

You've probably seen or have one of these, but, if not, mine gets a lot of use, though I'm usually just playing  around.  My nephew, who provided the John Deere wheel and welded this up for me, uses his for real work.  An old tractor or truck wheel that has some weight to it is obviously preferable, though I'm sure throwing on a couple of lead ingots or old dumbbells would add some stability to a lighter wheel. 

Out in the field, I might log-chain it to a stump or use tie-downs to stabilize it on the back of a truck, if I were doing some that required a lot of torque. 

I use mine for mostly for sharpening.  I have also done some pounding and straightening, and I recently clamped the shaft of an old trimmer to make it easier to replace the clutch.


  1. Great tool! I did something, well, almost the exact thing, a few years back. The only difference was I kept the (truck) tire on it and filled the tire with concrete. It is hard to move but you can tip it and roll it. Probably the most used tool in the shop.

  2. That's a get idea, too. This one is light enough that I can easily load and unload, but if I were just moving it around the barn, the concrete would be the way to go.

  3. Do you use the expression 'bloke' when referring to 'real men' in the USA, or is it confined to New Zealand and Australia?

    This post is very 'blokie' that is to say, very masculine. Don't get me wrong, I like it, it's just that it is a dying art form in our part of the world.

  4. Not where I'm from. I have an Australia colleague who works at our hub in Austin, and I've heard him use "bloke", but I didn't get the full connotation. I just thought it was an alternate to "mate". It's a useful term. Thanks.

  5. Brendan, say it ain't so! NZ is the land of Wal Footrot and Cooch! A couple of right blokes they are.

    1. Hi John

      Yes, indeed! A great contribution to Kiwi culture they are too.