Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Would He Have Gotten for Missing?

At halftime of a basketball game between College of the Ozarks and Bellevue, a blind man from Springfield, MO (College of the Ozarks is near Branson), Michael Quin hit a 3-point shot. His prize is free McDonald's food for a year. 

A blind guy hit a three-point shot. 

A blind guy -- he can't see.  He puts the ball in the basket from 3-point range.  Video is here

For this incredible feat, he gets free food from McDonald's.  Taco Bell chili cheese burritos, maybe.  Wendy's, even Burger King. 

I guess it would be kind of pointless to give him a car -- though McDonald's does have a Braille menu on the drive-through. 

Clearly, McDonald's is a popular destination for some of the folks on the floor.  What's not so clear to me is whether that was the first try.  The amateur video seems to start with the ball coming in as if, perhaps, Mr. Quin had missed a previous attempt.  Not that two or three tries takes away from it at all.  Former Missouri State Bears, now SIU Salukis coach, Barry Hinson famously chided his players that his wife could make score more than 2 buckets on 11 shots.  Apparently so can a blind man.  He could well make Hinson's next rant.


  1. That's neat but the analyst in my starts thinking. Totally blind? Legally blind?

    If totally blind then had he been practicing from that distance? I'm not trying to detract from his feat but I'm trying to figure out how.

  2. That's a question I had, too. I worked with a couple of legally blind guys. There's quite a bit of variation in what they can perceive. Just guessing from the video, I'd guess he couldn't see the basket but see roughly where it was.