Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Potential New Way to Stop Heavy Bleeding

Popular Science reports on a start-up, RevMedx, that has a new way to staunch bleeding from deep wounds, such as those from gunshots:

RevMedx recently asked the FDA to approve a pocket-size invention: a modified syringe that injects specially coated sponges into wounds. Called XStat, the device could boost survival and spare injured soldiers from additional pain by plugging wounds faster and more efficiently than gauze.

The team’s early efforts were inspired by Fix-a-Flat foam for repairing tires. “That’s what we pictured as the perfect solution: something you could spray in, it would expand, and bleeding stops,” says Steinbaugh. “But we found that blood pressure is so high, blood would wash the foam right out.”
So the team tried a new idea: sponges. They bought some ordinary sponges from a hardware store and cut them into 1-centimeter circles, a size and shape they chose on a whim but later would discover were ideal for filling wounds. Then, they injected the bits of sponge into an animal injury. “The bleeding stopped,” says Steinbaugh. “Our eyes lit up. We knew we were onto something.” After seeing early prototypes, the U.S. Army gave the team $5 million to develop a finished product.

If these work out, they would be great to have in vehicle and personal first-aid kits.  RevMedx has developed a special kind of sponge made of wood pulp and coating with the clotting agent chitosan and anti-microbials.  It sounds very promising.

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