Friday, February 28, 2014


Looks like this is going to be an interesting weekend. 

2000 Russian troops land in Crimea.

Zero Hedge:  Officers of 76th Russian Shock Troops Operating in Ukraine.

Meanwhile John McNugget says, "We are all Ukrainians".

Shut up. 

Yes, it is undoubtedly because Putin knows he can get away with it that he doesn't hesitate to take Crimea.  However, the Crimeans are, I think, mostly ethnic Russians.  The Ukrainian borders are fairly arbitrary, and partition has discussed as a sensible resolution for a while.

We did not need to intervene in Syria.  Supporting al-Qaeda-linked rebels there would have been a bad idea, as it turned out to be in Libya.  It was also stupid to aid the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Fortunately, there, the Egyptian Army proved stronger and certainly wiser than Clinton and Obama. 

The Russians are probably going to intervene, at some point, to keep their boy, Assad, in control of Syria.  This is a good thing for the Syrian Christians and for Israel. 

We invaded Grenada and Panama, and we may some day need to help stabilize Mexico.  Because we share a border with Mexico, we ought to have the right to do to protect our citizens and our national interests.  I think Russia can make a good case for the turmoil in the Ukraine being a serious threat to their ability to keep their oil pipelines to western Europe secure and fully functional.  Both Russia and some European states stand to suffer economically if the flow of oil is interrupted.

Americans need to mind our own business. 


  1. A sound analysis. Probably means Obama is putting the Navy Seals on alert.

  2. It's sad that as an alleged conservative, I am supposed to support Team America: World Police no matter what. Goldman has more to say, from Saturday, It's hopeless, but not serious.