Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Days of Cutting Back

First, if you haven't already read it, here is Karl Denninger's opus on the Market Ticker.  I think he will continue to post things from time to time, but no one can blame him for cutting back.

Second, Breitbart reports that the Federal Reserve may be cutting back on monetary backing for the ECB.  There are a number of links in the article that lead to more original source material. 

Gold, crude, and coffee are all up in USDs, but the dollar hasn't slipped much against other world currencies.

I have a feeling this does not bode well.

In times like these, check your supplies.  Not a comprehensive list:

Yeast/Baking Powder/Baking Soda
Corn meal
Powdered milk
Canned milk
Oil/Shortening -- personally, I highly recommend good ol' lard.  It keeps.  It's good for what ails you.  I don't believe any of that crap about cholesterol.


If you stored wheat and other grains and have a grain mill, that's even better, probably.

Peanut Butter or similar comfort foods
Canned goods of your preference

Soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish washing detergent,
Other cleaning supplies and disinfectants
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels

Boots, Work
Sharpen your tools.
Tape, Wire, Cordage, and fasteners of various sorts

Dirttime (an interesting site), talks about Cold Steel Weapons (not about Cold Steel knives).  They fill your hand.

If I lived in an area that might be subject to rioting, I might invest in a few pieces of plywood and perhaps some 2x4s to keep around in case I needed to reinforce doors or cover windows. 

Consider small items that might store and barter well.  

And keep in mind that I have been expecting this for four or five years -- so it may be another four or five years before it happens.  It may be forty.  I take nothing away from the cleverness of international bankers or the corruptness of politicians.  Plan accordingly.

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