Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Dish Gone to Pot

Selwyn Duke from American Thinker:  America Has Lost Her Will to Live:

We're no longer a melting pot, but a dish gone to pot. We've forgotten that robust, healthy America was a result of a specific recipe, and we cannot perpetuate that republic unless we remember the recipe. Of course, some say that limiting a land to one recipe is narrow and exclusionary. I say that the road to Heaven is narrow. And all recipes necessarily include only some ingredients and exclude most others, just as definitions limit by defining. If America can mean anything, she means nothing; but if she is something, then she can be defined. And then, by definition, she would have to be exclusionary -- like any nation.

I don't agree with his title, but his points are valid.  Read the whole thing.  Certain segments of American society and western civilization in general have turned against on our culture and our country.  It is a civil war of words and ideas, and those who insist on denying reality will be the losers.  


  1. America has led the western world in most things, but has lagged in the decline of Christianity amongst the general population. You are now beginning to lose the overaching 'meta-narrative' that bound you together, and as a result, decend into a form of tribalism based upon competing 'truth's and competing rights.

    The main ingredient that formed the recipie that made America a great nation is being lost from your culture. The results I'm afraid are predictable.

  2. Good article Mush, and good comment Brendan.

    Why must we accept people from all cultures into ours? And why are we still letting so many into this country? There's no frontier, no industrial revolution needing factory workers.

    It fumes me that other countries can have their immigration restrictions and national identity to preserve but not the US and, it seems, England.

    I'm an unabashed culturalist. Specifically, the culture inherited from England. Is it wrong for me to want this country to stay this way?

    Also, I'm saying this as the descendant of, I'm pretty sure, an Italian Fascist and a bunch of collectivist Scandi's. So, it is hard to proclaim America for Americans without sounding hypocritical. And, one often meets a new immigrant who is a true American in his beliefs and you want him and his family here and then you feel like a jerk for wanting to restrict immigration... So, the situation is intractable.

    What can one man do? I watch and get depressed because I am powerless to change the course of events. As mentioned at the end of the article, we are experiencing cultural suicide (but really it was murder).

  3. The thing about America has always been that we are united by principle and ideals and liberty. The Vietnamese are a good example. They are Americans. Like the one guy I used to work with whose family had a a restaurant or something up in Edmonds, OK. Any time we would work on anything together, he would offer to bring me back some "good tofu".

    There's nothing wrong with honoring your heritage, but learn English and become an American. Not a European-American or African-American or Asian-American or Muslim-American or Mexican-American.

    The other one is the guy named Garcia I was talking to once down in Lake Dallas. He asked me how long I'd been in Texas. At the time it had been like seven or eight years. He said, "My family has been here 400 years." He's a Texan and American. There's a good chance he has tamales for Thanksgiving which is a tradition among those of Spanish heritage, but he celebrates Thanksgiving.

  4. Amnesty isn't really about restricting immigration. It's about stopping illegal activity. All we are asking is that they go through the process.

    As far as getting discouraged, individually all we can do is be good people and be salt and light where we are. We may suffer for a while, but God won't fail us.